Plastique return with punchy electro-industrial single ‘Quake’

Plastique return with punchy electro-industrial single ‘Quake’

There’s a lot to be said for taking a breather to regroup. And that’s exactly what London-based electro rockers Plastique have done – and the result ‘Quake‘ is quite possibly the trio’s best work yet.

A brief hiatus saw the band revisit their roots and reassert their purpose, as frontwoman Anelise Kunz says, “After two albums we kind of wanted to add something new to our sound, but we started pressuring ourselves for new song ideas…and because of that nothing was really happening, the new single [‘Quake’] came out as a sign of hope…there was no pressure, the vocal jam just happened, and soon we were all involved in getting this one ready to go!”

Gabriel Ralls (producer/electronics) says: “We wanted to write a song that would sound great both live and on the dance floor. No one seems to move at shows anymore, like there’s some fear of self-expression. ‘Quake’, for me, is like shaking someone, saying, “Put down your phone. Listen to the music. Feel something!” It combines dance and rock in a way that only Plastique can.”

Hear it: ‘QUAKE

Plastique formed in 2010 to bring their own flavour of attitude and charisma to the diluted and lacklustre indie scene they saw a lot of bands stuck in. Comprised of singer Anelise Kunz, multi-instrumentalist Fabio Couto and producer Gabriel Ralls, Plastique are inspired by a huge scope of influences including Nine Inch Nails, Garbage, PJ Harvey, Goldfrapp, Brody Dalle, Smashing Pumpkins, The Prodigy and Beastie Boys.

Their self-titled debut album was released worldwide in 2011, with 2013’s follow-up record ‘#SocialScar’ seeing their industrial, aggressive sound highlighted by multi-Grammy winning Tom Baker’s production. It also saw them crowned one of Marshall’s top 5 ultimate bands of 2013.

In 2015, new single ‘Quake’ is an industrial and electrifying declaration of intent, a proclamation referencing the band’s previous work – especially the thrashing and snarling ‘White Noise’, but also against so much of the scene sticking to a style. Plastique’s work, although underpinned with the same rebellious punch, always delivers something fresh and new.
Simply put, ‘Quake’ is going to rip your f*cking face off.

Plastique will be co-headlining The Lexington, London on 2 May
Tickets £8:
Fans can use code ‘PLASTIQUE’ for £2 off the ticket price

Plastique are Anelise Kunz, Gabriel Ralls and Fabio Couto.

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Plastique return with punchy electro-industrial single ‘Quake’