PORCELAIN RAFT – new video for ‘Drifting In and Out’

PORCELAIN RAFT – new video for ‘Drifting In and Out’

Following rave reviews for his debut album ‘Strange Weekend’,    Porcelain Raft – aka Italian-born, New York-based Mauro Remiddi – is    set to touch down on British soil for a series of fixtures around    the UK. Backed by a live drummer, Porcelain Raft’s gigs feature    stunning reinterpretations of the album’s dreamy textures.

    1st September 1234 Festival Shoreditch
    2nd September End Of The Road Festival
    7th September Bestival Isle Of Wight
    8th September Dublin The Pearse Centre

To mark the occasion, the album’s glorious opening track, Drifting    In And Out, will be released a single on 8th October.

A born traveller, Remiddi has live in Rome, London, North Korea and    New York, and spent time touring with the Berlin Youth Circus    playing traditional gypsy Klezmer music. His global outlook colours    ‘Strange Weekend’, a spectral, drifting record that sits happily    next to contemporaries M83 and Beach House thanks to its woozy    melodies and fountains of synths.

    The show in Dublin on the 8th is his first Irish show, and is also    for a homeless charity so there’s two reasons right there to get    behind it.

    Porcelain Raft’s “Drifting In And Out” is the opening track to his    debut full length, Strange Weekend. It’s the Italian born singer’s    anthemic, gauzy and chiming call to arms. The 7″s b-side, “Chain,”    astutely balances melancholy and wistfulness. Remiddi does his best    heartstring pulling to date as he sings “and I feel    something/something I cannot deny/half my life behind.”

PORCELAIN RAFT – the video for ‘Drifting In and Out’


“Strange Weekend drifts and delights” **** Uncut
“Difficult not to be moved by such expertly-crafted bliss” **** The Fly
“A ravishing series of nebulous swoons.” Mojo
“Beautiful melodies emerge through clouds of sound like sunlight” **** The Sun
“his songs have real soul and substance… High Praise, well deserved” **** The Times
“a record that provides nothing but saccharine, hazy highs.” 8/10 NME

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PORCELAIN RAFT – new video for ‘Drifting In and Out’