Premiere: The Rivers talk & air ‘Rise’ video

Premiere: The Rivers talk & air ‘Rise’ video

Here at With Guitars we like to pick up on new talent nice ‘n’ early, and our team in Scotland have been raving about a new duo from Glasgow called The Rivers, who sound not quite like anyone else that we can think of. There may only be two of them, but they produce fast, ramshackle music befitting of a four-piece.

The new single ‘Rise’ is released 30/03/18

on Spotify/Apple Music

Live dates:

FEB 23 The Green Room Perth

MAR 24 McChuills Glasgow

Here’s the first airing of The Rivers ‘Rise’ video

Were you a duo out of necessity or was it a conscious decision?

We became a duo because our first rehearsal was as a duo. I reckon if someone else was invited into that room we would have became a ‘band’. I don’t think it would have lasted if we weren’t a duo. We were both sick of being in a band and having the politics that is associated with that. We have been chewed up and spat out by this industry in the past. I love The Rivers it’s almost like we are in our own bubble – like a damaged goods section. We honestly don’t fuck about. With us we both have to love it or it doesn’t happen. No bullshit.

Each time we rehearse we have a new track – or 75% of a track. Thinking is Stinking!


You’ve an unusual sound it’s very hard to categorise, how would you choose to describe it to the uninitiated?

We call ourselves ‘Country Grunge’ – it happened one day when we were full of brandy in the Busby Hotel. I honestly don’t know what that means or if it sounds like it would be good? It gets us a lot of ‘americana’ support offers haha.

I suppose The Rivers are a blues laden punk band. Also punk in how we do things. We don’t rely on anyone. We do everything ourselves.


You’re from Glasgow, yet I don’t hear any Celtic sound in your music. Who are your main influences?

For Jon he said John Martyn (hence the DADGAD tuning he uses) and Keith Richards :  ‘Pedals are for bikes’. For me (Lyle) Joey Castillo and Matthew Helders – those lads don’t mess about. Play hard or go home!


Glasgow has a long tradition of producing fine bands? Is there a local scene that perhaps you fit into?

Being totally honest here – no. We have been in ‘local scenes’ before. We are past that point in our lives.

I am a fan of loads of bands in Glasgow – there is such a massive scene. Honestly too many bands to name.


The Rivers however – they are their own entity.

Who sounds like The Rivers?

What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Our plans for the rest of the year are to play to everyone and their granny. Honestly if you want us to play we will play. Call me.

There will be another single out around summer time. An EP winter time and a tour – it will happen this year.

This is the year for us to set those foundations. You will be sick of the sight and sound of us by the end of 2018.

We really aren’t fucking around this time boys and girls x


Recorded and mixed by Ronan Fay at Green Door Studio Mastered by Sanchez Mastering Filmed by The Rivers and Nathan Dunphy Edited by The Rivers

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Premiere: The Rivers talk & air ‘Rise’ video