Primal Scream – Out Of The Void (Brendan Yates)

Primal Scream – Out Of The Void (Brendan Yates)

A book about Primal Scream was always going to be a right old romp. The band themselves literally wrote the story as they went along; drugs, revolution, loose

behaviour and a love of rock ‘n’ roll, have all combined to give the ragged troupe a great storyline. Add onto this a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and Bobby Gillespie’s machine gun interview technique and you have got the perfect rock ‘n’ roll story.

Newcomer Brendan Yates captures this well from the fan’s perspective, This is a book that explains why the band mean so much to the man in the street and is

an enthusiastic romp through the band’s glorious fucked up career. Getting into the band in 1994 as a naive 14 year old, Yates has a very different

perspective on the band’s career than the usual gamut of old time rock writers who pen these biogs, or as he himself explains.

”Back in early 1994 as a fourteen year old I saw the ‘Rocks’ video on MTV, I remembered it with its distinctive chorus and flashy dancing. I remember thinking

the singer was female, and by the sounds of it, the band were almost certainly American. A couple of years later, solely because I liked the name of the band,

Primal Scream, I bought the album from 1989. I liked it a lot. They were a band to investigate; they were of a strange fascination.”

Worth reading just for this perspective and Yates’ personal struggle to come to terms with the sheer eclecticness of the group, this is a great debut and a

revealing insight into the mind of a young pop fanatic, as well as the story of one of the few contemporary bands prepared to take a chance. 8/10

John Robb

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Primal Scream – Out Of The Void (Brendan Yates)