Prins Obi – "The Age of Tourlou" // Out on April 22 (Record Store Day)

Prins Obi – "The Age of Tourlou" // Out on April 22 (Record Store Day)

Listen now to “Anatolian Rock”, the first track off Prins Obi’ s sophomore album:

Prins Obi – “Anatolian Rock”
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“An album for freaks, geeks, elitists, pop culture aficionados and burnouts, ’cause after all, I belong with them.”
Photo by Eftychia Vlachou – Click image for high-res]


Once Prins Obi completed recording the fourth Baby Guru album with his other three friends and band co-members, everybody was happy but he, in a moment of an unfulfilled creative need, proposed to others to continue to record and make the album a double LP. The remaining three, advised him to leave the album in peace (and they did very well so).
But a need for further expression was eating him up inside, so he decided to put aside the space opera (called “Fanfare for the Astro-Man”) that he was working on but to keep its most interesting musical moments, which he recorded at Sundayman’s Inhousemusic Studio with the artist’s valuable help. Alongside he jammed at King Elephant’s Marginalia Studio with the new Dream Warriors (with members from The Voyage Limpid Sound, Chickn and Baby Guru) and occasionally with Baby Guru themselves, trying to put in order the ideas that he composed during his free weekends by the sea.
The result of all these is called ¨The Age of Tourlou”, a project of multi-sided philosophy and at the same time a tribute to pop culture. An album about the collapse of ideologies and mockery of the modern Western world, but also the necessary lightness that a man has to seek at certain moments in order to cope with the unbearable weight he is bearing.

Prins Obi is the moniker of Georgios Dimakis: musician, pharmacist and member of Baby Guru. Together they have released four official LPs (“Baby Guru”, “Pieces”, “Marginalia” and “IV”), one mini-album (“Sunshine Special”) and 5 digital EPs and they have performed live in Greece, Europe and America (Eurosonic, CMJ Music Marathon, Europavox and more).
He has produced the debut album of KU, “Feathers” and co-produced its follow-up (“Ganja”). As a duo they have recorded an improvisation project entitled “And Tomorrow Again” under the name ΧΛΟΗ (khloē, Greek word for grass). In addition to these, he has participated as a guest on the solo album of King Elephant, on “Sudden Death” by Blend aka Mishkin and on the homonymous LP of No Man’s Land, serving as a member of the band for a period. Last but not least he was a member of the band Duke Abduction who released their debut album “The Curious World of Duke Abduction” in 2010.
In December 2013, his digital EP “Love Songs for Instant Success” was given as a free download, while in November 2014 his first solo album, entitled “Notions”, was released from Inner Ear.

Prins Obi (Baby Guru): vocals, organ

King Elephant (Baby Guru): drums

Sérgios Voúdris (The Voyage Limpid Sound): bass, backing vocals

Angelos Krallis (Chickn): electric guitar

Pantelis Karasevdas (Chickn, A Victim Of Society): percussion

[Artwork by Kostas Pantoulas ART, Click image for high-res]

Prins Obi
The Age of Tourlou

[Inner Ear Records] Format: 180 gram limited edition red vinyl (+cd version) and digital album
Release Date: April 22


1. Anatolian Rock

2. Common Sense

3. Too Demanding

4. Distant Cousins
5. Into the Light
6. Rafinity
7. Finish What You Start
8. Astro-Man Theme
9. Chasing Baboons
10. Reserve the Right to Fail
11. Galactika
12. Heavy Feet
13. The Age of Tourlou
14. Flower Child


Photos by Eftychia Vlachou
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Prins Obi – "The Age of Tourlou" // Out on April 22 (Record Store Day)