Psycho Comedy Unveil Lipstick Smeared New Single ‘The Hangman’ via Deltasonic

Psycho Comedy Unveil Lipstick Smeared New Single ‘The Hangman’ via Deltasonic



Lipstick-smeared, loose and dangerous, the rock and roll joyride of Merseyside five-piece careers into summer with new single ‘The Hangman’.


An echoing and ominous cut of ‘insanity ‘rock and roll heralds the first of two, promised summer singles from the colourful and chaotic Psycho Comedy as they release ‘The Hangman’ on September 7th 2017 via Deltasonic.

The Liverpool-based five-piece cast their line across the Atlantic and through the ages to revive the dying art of delirious, artful abandon, the likes of which have rarely been seen since New York’s gender-bending, opiate-peppered punk heyday. The digital release is complimented by a limited edition, white cassette limited to just 40 copies, released in collaboration with Blak Hand Records.


Watch The Official Video for ‘The Hangman’ on Youtube – Here

‘The Hangman’ grows from a rattling guitar and bass two-hander, handclaps punctuating the path towards the first of the song’s long corridors and dark rooms, before the brawny voice of magnetic frontman, Shaun Powell, opens a page in the band’s storybook of the strange. Determinedly self-defined as a considered concept that reacts to the delirium of the modern world with distinct references to an admired past, Psycho Comedy represent a diverse, poetic, art-filled and cinematic world that thrives on the edge.


A coming together of old acquaintances, couples and mutually-admired musicians, it is a shared lust for the sights and sounds of a CBGB and Max’s Kansas City era New York City that lights Psycho Comedy’s collective fire. A sweat-drenched and stripped Iggy Pop, the studied experimentation of Television and the unabashed filth of the New York Dolls course quickly through the band’s creative vein. Closer to home, the band’s name pays tribute and points it’s creative compass towards the comedy of Rik Mayall, while the expansive sounds of home city heroes, Echo and The Bunnymen are held aloft as guides towards an evocative, multi-instrumental light. Second single ‘Michigan State’ is slated to proceed ‘The Hangman’ on September 14th.


Psycho Comedy is Shaun Powell (vocals/guitar) Connor Duff (bass), Jack Thompson (noise guitar), Lydia McGhee (rhythm guitar) and Jack Williams (drums).

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Psycho Comedy Unveil Lipstick Smeared New Single ‘The Hangman’ via Deltasonic