Quiet Marauder new single, spooky video!

Quiet Marauder new single, spooky video!

Cardiff crazies Quiet Marauder release the second in their Autumn series of singles ‘Every Time We Think Of One Another (A Petal Falls From The Flowers On Our Grave)’ Featuring Francesca’s Word Salad next week (13th Oct 2014). The single comes with a great Halloween-esque animated video that would fit into your spooky content at the end of the month.

The Second release from Quiet Marauder’s Autumn Singles campaign extracted with care and love from ‘Men’

Quiet Marauder Feat. Francesca’s Word Salad – Every Time We Think Of One Another (A Petal Falls From The Flowers On Our Grave) Release 13th Oct 2014.

As autumn’s long shadows creep knowingly towards winters icy blast Cardiff’s QUIET MARAUDER are set to provide the perfect sonic accompaniment to cold contemplative nights by releasing three consecutive monthly singles from September to November taken from magnus opus debut album, Men.

After an EP based on the concept of re-imagining of footballing legend Alan Shearer as a time travelling deity came QUIET MARAUDER’s debut LP, Men, released in January 2014. Now officially entered into The Guinness Book Of World Records for consideration in the category of longest ever debut rock and pop LP Men weighs at nearly five hours of playing time, containing one hundred and eleven songs and sprawling across a mind enhancing four compact discs.

Wanting to draw a metaphorical line in the musical sand that is Men, pop intelligentsia QUIET MARAUDER release three singles from their meisterwerk, one a month across September, October and November 2014. Pretty Girls Are (Pretty), Every Time We Think Of One Another (A Petal Falls From The Flowers On Our Graves) and SOS. Three songs that chart the inherently sexism nature of men; a love that lingers on after the grave, and the males species yearning to be a better person. A trio of whimsical indie pop gems infused with the musical DNA extracted from the likes of Belle & Sebastian, Half Man Half Biscuit and Syd Barrett.

QUIET MARAUDER are truly unique in 2014’s musical landscape. Who else would dare to exorcise their own demons as with songs charting the growth of the male psyche through love, rejection, breakdown, madness, intoxication and, ultimately, resolution? If only such corduroy brandishing-ly serious topics sounded dreary on record? Not so the songs penned by Simon M. Read and Jonathan Day. You’ll forgive yourself for laughing out loud at the logic behind ‘girl spotting’ on public transport as witnessed on Pretty Girls Are (Pretty). You’ll weep till your Stetson crumples into its own ‘soggy bottom’ at the macabre alt country twang of Every Time We Think Of One Another (A Petal Falls From The Flowers On Our Graves) and you’ll chortle knowingly at the sublime low fi indie rumblings of SOS. Three tunes that showcase a humour that has drawn comparisons with Viv Stanshall, The Mighty Boosh, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band and Adam & Joe. Decisively daft, incorrigibly intelligent and darkly comical, QUIET MARAUDER are one of the most unique propositions to emerge from South Wales in a long time, a loose collective contributing kitchen utensil percussion, trumpet, tenor horn, melodica, multiple guitars, Thai saw, layered vocals and anything else that comes to hand.

As befits a band who thrive on organic consciousness and impromptu collaborations, guest appearances abound across these singles. Pretty Girls Are (Pretty), features the vocals of My Name Is Ian, Every Time We Think Of One Other (A Petal Falls From The Flowers On Our Graves) is resplendent with Francesca’s Word Salads’ gorgeous harmonies and final offering, SOS. showcases the delightful vocal prowess of Jemma Roper.

With the nights drawing in QUIET MARAUDER give you the perfect opportunity to embrace them as your new favoured companions with this wonderful autumnal almanac, a triptych of starkly dark, comically beautiful singles released via Bubblewrap Collective.

Selected Press

“Like a hippified Kunt And The Gang. Or Adam & Joe forming a Syd Barrett tribute band.” – Bizarre Magazine

“Huge fun” Tom Robinson.” – BBC Radio 6 Music

“Welsh music tends to produce mavericks, eccentrics…oddballs. Think Gruff Rhys, for instance, or reaching further back the frenzied adventures of Datblygu. Well, now we can add Welsh group Quiet Marauder to that list.” – Clash

“Like nothing you’ve ever heard before.” – The 405

“A weighty satirical sketch show of earnest rebukes that just keeps giving.” – Monolith Cocktail, Choice Album of 2013

“Blending Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band and Mighty Boosh. Epic in both stature and execution.” – Shout4Music, 9/10

“Quiet Marauder’s material is entirely unique in both style and grace.” – Cat On The Wall



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Quiet Marauder new single, spooky video!