Quiet Marauder To Release Impromptu, Unexpected Christmas EP

Quiet Marauder To Release Impromptu, Unexpected Christmas EP

Quiet Marauder – Merry Marauding Christmas EP (BWR018)

Not ones to rest lazily on the fruits of their recently released, critically acclaimed and record-breaking 111-song MEN LP, Quiet Marauder have requested we at Bubblewrap Collective put out an impromptu Christmas EP. This three-track release, entitled ‘Merry Marauding Christmas’, features brushed up offshoots from the expansive range of songs culled from the MEN recordings.

The tracklisting is as follows:
1. The Best Gift Ever…
2. All I Got For Xmas Was A Bike
3. It’s Xmas, So It’s OK (To Go And Hug A Turkey) feat. The Lovely War

As those familiar with Quiet Marauder may expect, the topics covered are fairly diverse including love, lust, marriage, ingratitude, vegetarianism and implied bestiality. Simon M. Read, one of the Quiet Marauder songwriters, explains the decision to release more material after just releasing what is expected to be the longest debut album ever:

“We like making things. And we love Christmas so much. So much it makes our insides throb like a buffalo’s belligerence! We had a few songs recorded and thought we may as well chuck them at people just to see their expressions. The Lovely Wars also pop up on it for our duet about giving turkeys some love, as opposed to eating them, this Christmas. It’s a vegetarian anthem for the voiceless!”

The Merry Marauding Christmas EP has just been released and will be free to download from the Bubblewrap Collective Soundcloud page.


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Quiet Marauder To Release Impromptu, Unexpected Christmas EP