Rebellion – Christmas 2016 Newsletter

Rebellion – Christmas 2016 Newsletter

Rebellion Festivals Limited – Newsletter  Christmas 2016

Thursday 3rd – Sunday 6th August 2017

The Winter Gardens, Blackpool, UK


Welcome to our Christmas 2016 Newsletter. Highlighting some recent bookings that you may have missed, Day Ticket info, paying with instalments and much more.


With so many bands added to the website it’s easy to miss a few. Facebook also only puts our posts into a limited amount of people’s timelines so again it’s easy to overlook a booking. If you get a chance over the holidays, head to and scroll down the list to see who has been booked. There’s been some great additions with many bands never having played before. In the meantime, some recent highlights are:



Thursday night sees BAD RELIGION return to the Empress Ballroom. It will be 7 years since they first played the festival and are making a welcome return. Probably one of the most respected US Punk bands, due in part to their close association with Epitaph and all of the bands they spawned. It’s easy for us Brits to lump them in with the likes of ‘modern’ American punk but it’s worth bearing in mind that Bad Religion started in late 1979! One of the longest surviving bands who have an amazing back catalogue and continue to be relevant to this day.



Friday night is sorted! Empress headliners are SLAVES: “’Four years ago I was watching Rancid headline rebellion and Slaves hadn’t even played a festival yet,” states guitarist Laurie Vincent. “Now to be back but to headline it ourselves is beyond our wildest dreams. Can’t wait to see you there!” Rebellion Festivals – bringing the new punk along with the old….



Melodic Californian Punk band PENNYWISE are confirmed for 2017. They’ve only played once before (2010) and that was when singer Jim Lindberg was on a 2 year break, so it’s great that he’s now back with the band and the Rebellion faithful can catch the man who wrote the songs singing them! They are one of the most successful independent Punk bands of all time but remain true to the punk ethos and regularly play and support independent festivals and club shows.



Original melodic hardcore punk rockers 88 FINGERS LOUIE are playing Rebellion 2017. A great band that went off the radar for a while as members went on to form RISE AGAINST and also play with ALKALINE TRIO. Well, they’re back gigging and we can’t wait to see ’em!



Legendary hardcore American Punk band SCREAM have been confirmed. The ORIGINAL line up (including one time Foo Fighter Franz Stahl) will play Rebellion 2017. No Dave Grohl on drums (for those in the know, this was his pre-Nirvana band, he played on their 4th Album – although I’m sure he’d have a blast at Rebellion!). Daz last put this band on in the late 80s – so hopefully they’ll feel things have improved since then!!!


Many more bands also booked in the last few weeks including LEFTOVER CRACK, TOYAH, THE FU’s, RADICAL DANCE FACTION, RUDE PRIDE, TEENAGE BOTTLE ROCKET, PENNY COCKS, TOP DOG…. Check out the website for the current line-up!!



We don’t usually put bands into days until well into the new year but as Bad Religion (Thurs) and Slaves (Fri) are already announced we’ve decided to put Day Tickets on sale now. They are £60 per day. See for info.


You can pay for your Rebellion ticket with easy monthly instalments. For December it works out at just £20 per month (7 months) after a deposit of £28.

In January it will be a deposit of £24 and then 6 instalments of £24

See for info.



After the success of this years outdoor stage in Tower St and the positive feedback from everybody we have be searching for a way that we keep all the great parts and improve on all the bits that needed tweaking. Unfortunately we can’t use the same space as a supermarket is being built on the site but we’ve worked out a way that we can use the old car park at the back of the Winter Gardens where the CASBAH stage was in previous years.For those of you that didn’t come this year, this has been knocked down and is now another large open space. We are speaking with the council about road closures and the venue are helping us with the logistics regarding getting everyone in / out of the building in an easier fashion. We’re also looking at a bigger bar, food, merch and more toilets out there so expect another amazing space for you to enjoy great music.



We’re celebrating 10 years of PUNK ART next year. The exhibition has gone from strength to strength and we’ve got some amazing things planned to celebrate this mile stone. More news next year!



Most people reading this will be aware now that legendary frontman of The Business, Micky Fitz has passed away. Mick played a massive part in the early days of Holidays In The Sun and along with guitarist Steve Whale they changed the perception of Oi music from something that most promoters wouldn’t touch with a barge pole into the force it is today. There are many bands that wouldn’t be able to do what they do today if it wasn’t for them standing up and taking things forward. So the scene has not only lost a legend and a friend but also someone who made a difference. Jennie paid tribute to Mick on our Facebook page when we heard the news but we wanted to include it here too as our thoughts at this time of year are firmly with his family and close friends.

Please be aware that there’s going to be people jumping on the band wagon doing tributes and trying to sell T-Shirts etc. Make sure you only do something if it has the blessing of his family. Currently, the only official request is that anyone wanting to make a donation does so at



We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you next year. We’re over halfway through booking now which still means there’s loads of great bands to come. Tickets go up on April 1st to the full price and after this year’s sell out where people were turned away at the door for the very first time, we’re keen that anyone thinking of coming gets their ticket early. It was heartbreaking turning people away – especially those that had travelled but we are restricted by official capacity limits.

So enjoy yourselves and here’s to a happy and healthy 2017 to all of you

Until next time, stay safe.

Team Rebellion x

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Rebellion – Christmas 2016 Newsletter