Ric Gordon detail new Standing Here EP

Ric Gordon detail new Standing Here EP

Kansas City based artist/producer Ric Gordon calls his new EP, “Standing Here”, the best recording of his career. A strong statement for an artist who has released 16 albums and EP’s under various monikers and produced another 26 for other artists. On “Standing Here”, Ric delivers a superlative work of indie/folkrock and alt-country, that will stand as one of the best singer/songwriter records of the year. The EP features five *A* tracks with no filler, including the first two singles, “I Will Always Be Here” and “When We Kiss.”

Video for the track “When We Kiss”

The Beach Sloth music blog had this to say about the EP:
“Ric Gordon sings with great passion on the perfection of “Standing Here”. Sung like true poetry the songs linger in the mind. Lyrics touch upon a universal experience while they unfurl in such unexpected majestic ways. The collection has a timelessness to it, as the songs try for and accomplish sculpting a universal experience.”


PureGrainAudio said this:
“Ric Gordon regularly writes and makes some killer indie folk/rock. We encourage you to take the album for a spin ASAP and, as for our favourite, suggest you check out “To Hear You Say”.

Disagreement.net added this about Standing Here:
“On his new EP, Ric Gordon offers five tracks that are located somewhere between singer/songwriter, indie folk and Americana, which might be trivial when done by lesser artists, but his influences from the Seventies and the Eighties make sure that we don’t get some plastic product that only tries to imitate the masters, but that actually recalls the innocence and simplicity of that era. “

RIYL: Richard Buckner, Band of Horses, Elliot Brood, Jason Isbell
Stream “Standing Here” on Bandcamp:  Standing Here Stream.

Video for the track “To Hear You Say”: To Hear You Say Video

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Ric Gordon detail new Standing Here EP