Ride Albums reviewed by band members Andy Bell And Mark Gardener

Ride Albums reviewed by band members Andy Bell And Mark Gardener

There was another great Oxford band before Thom Yorke and co. The Creation Records band charmed and whinged their way into the hearts of critics everywhere.


In the early 1990’s Ride seemed to have the world at their feet, they had a hit albums and critical respect in 1992’s ‘Leave Them All Behind’ and produced a Top Ten single. Sadly the times were a changin’’ and Ride were seemingly swept away by the tidal wave which was Britpop. Today they are mainly remembered as leading lights of the much maligned Shoegazing movement.

Their music has certainly aged well – huge sonic cathedrals of passionate neo-pop guitar noise that sometimes over-reaches its ambition, but more often than mot hits the spot. Andy Bell along with Mark Gardener the leading light doesn’t think the renewed interest will lead to a reunion however. “Well, I’m in Oasis mow, and I’m pretty busy with that.”


Rides’ Andy Bell and Mark Gardener take it for here


Released January 1990

“This actually came out after ‘Going Back Again’, but as this is a compilation of our first two EP’s, ‘Ride’ and ‘Play’, it’s kinda our first album. We were doing so much back then, ‘Ride’ came out January, ‘Play’ in the spring and we had another EP out in the early simmer, and then the first album.

There was so much energy – we’d just book a studio for two days and whack out an EP – bang! Two tracks a day, the writing came very naturally to us at the time. We looked at each EP as a kind of mini-album, especial the first one, which really showed our influences; House Of Love, Sonic Youth The Valentines (My Bloody), The Smiths’ ‘How Soon Is Now’ – you can hear all that lot in there.”


Released October 1990
“To us this was a huge hit, nowadays if your about hits, you usually mean getting to number one, but back then for an indie band to go straight in at number eleven was incredible. It was the first album that Creation had ever had in the Top 40 so we were the label’s pop stars, which was sort of funny. Of course it didn’t hang around in the charts for very long. But it got there that was the main thing.
I definitely think that this is our best album – full of ambition, there was something we were reaching for and we got it, which didn’t always happen later on. Yeah looking back, I think it’s pretty much perfect.”


‘Going Blank Again’
Released March 1992

“People tell me that this album got some pretty mediocre reviews, but I don’t really read the press so I was not really aware of that. Maybe it did but …there was always going to be a backlash, we were a bit of a press band after all! I do believe though, looking back on the album that we were still firing on all cylinders, still getting to the places we wanted to go.

On ‘Going Blank Again’ we were aiming for a bigger, more commercial sound and yeah I think we pretty much got that you know that rock sound (Influenced by Led Zepplin and whatever)”


‘Carnival Of Light’
Released June 1994

“We were listening to a lot of Neil Young and Pink Floyd around the time of this album and they were a big influence on it. We were looking for a sound that still had that Ride spaced out sort of feel, but with a definite seventies influence. It was great fun to do – we recorded it in Oxford, Devon and in Los Angeles, California. It all seemed to go in a kind of blur, I remember being disappointed when the album came out at how fast it all happened; Like hadn’t had the time to realise how much I was enjoying myself. The ‘Birdman’ single was a kind of wake up call for us. Although it only got to No.38, it was then that we realised that we did not have the commercial power we’d had a couple of years before.”


Released March 1996

“We deleted this album one week after it was released – a product of the fact the band splitting up. That was it, as far as we were concerned. Mark was really interested in the album, he didn’t write any songs for it, so he sort of went from being the boss in the studio, or one of them anyway, to just hanging around. It was oblivious that he wasn’t into the music at all. WE put the album out anyway, and in retrospect it was a mistake and it left a bad taste in the mouth that that, had to be Ride’s final statement
A lot of people tell me that it’s their favourite Ride album, even Andy Perry who wrote the sleeve notes for the boxset and he was a fan from the early days, like the album. But personally I’m happier with the early stuff.

Ride official (we think) – http://www.rideox4.net/


Nearly 20 years agi, In a galaxy far, far away… yeah!
Another live performance from 1992 )I am looking for iother Ride Vids from 94m n96 and 96 watch err, the space below
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Ride Albums reviewed by band members Andy Bell And Mark Gardener