Rideau share new video for ‘Stand Still’ / For fans of The Bronx, Refused

Rideau share new video for ‘Stand Still’ / For fans of The Bronx, Refused


“Find yourself a quiet place to relax. Now close your eyes, take a long slow deep breath in through your nose…“(‘Eye Closure’, RIDEAU)

It’s not quite standard procedure for a rock record to start off with a hypnotic, soothing voice, commanding the listener to relax. Then again, Swedish collective RIDEAU (which is french for “curtain“) isn’t your run-of-the-mill rock band either. Having established this misleading state of relaxation, the band immediately bursts out into ‘Ecstasy’, a high-octane hurricane of hardcore, punk and rock’n’roll. So much for laid-back listening.

Hailing from the greater Örebro area, the city that already produced punk rockers like Millencolin or grindcore greats Nasum, singer Gabriel Öberg and guitarist Carl Magnus Palm started their new outfit back in 2013, after their former group Insekt fell apart due to their singer’s vocal cord problems. Gabriel quickly switched his bass for a mike and began with Carl to rework previous song ideas by adding some exciting new touches and elements.

Their new video for ‘Stand Still’ was filmed in the countryside outside Stockholm. According to Rideau the track is about ‘trying to make changes in life but sometimes ending up going backwards. We shot it ourself, me and Gabriel with a friend driving the car. Most of the time with me squeezed in the car boot pushing Gabriel to run faster while syncing the text. Luckily he´s a well trained man…’


Watch the video here


Rideau’s new album was co-produced by the band and Sebastian Forslund (Blackstrap, Vanbot) and mixed by Jens Bogren (Arch Enemy, Kreator, Between The Buried And Me), and created with the help of numerous guest musicians, Gabriel and Carl meanwhile have been joined by another former Insekt bandmate, Kristofer Sundberg, on drums. With the core of RIDEAU being a three-piece for now, the band already can count on a (r)evolving cast of bass-players and additional guitarists to join them on stage.

Over the course of the last two years RIDEAU already have played over 50 shows, including their first sold out US gig at Webster Hall, New York City and most recently as support act for fellow swedes Royal Republic on their latest sold out German tour. Guess you can call that a proper warm-up. Be prepared for a lot more, when RIDEAU’s self-titeld debut, released through Mutiny Records/OMN, will hit the shelves on April, 1st.

It’s time to raise the curtain


Rideau are:

Gabriel Öberg – vocals

Carl Magnus Palm – guitars

Kristofer Sundberg – drums

‘A tempestuous racket’Metal Hammer


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Rideau share new video for ‘Stand Still’ / For fans of The Bronx, Refused