A Riot Of Our Own – film trailer revealed

A Riot Of Our Own – film trailer revealed

My name is Tali Clarke and I’m a London based filmmaker.

I have made a film called ‘A Riot Of Our Own’ documenting the final days of the 12 Bar; the iconic music venue in the heart of Soho and the Tin Pan Alley scene, that has been shut down due to redevelopment in the area.

I spent the final few weeks there with full access, documenting the last days, speaking to the people that made it what it was and made up the community in the area, capturing live performances, history, opinions, and just the feel of the place, right up until the final ever performances and then onto gutting the place.  I continued to cover what was happening when squatters from the Occupy Democracy movement moved in, up until their court case at the Royal Courts of Justice.

London has always been the centre for pioneering live music, and the 12 bar was an integral part of that scene, with so many artists starting out there, and has continued to nurture new and young artists to this day.  Places like this are so important to our culture, so I wanted to capture the place in its rawest form, as an example of the things that we’re losing and will continue to lose, as London is gradually being sold off and homogenised.

By trying to reach people through the infectious honesty of this wonderfully grimy and alive hub of music, passion and community, I hope to help highlight the cultural crisis that is currently happening in the UK.

The heart of this film really lies in the people and the music; it’s a story about them and what this all means to them, with a killer soundtrack and awesome live performances.

Here’s a little teaser for it


And here’s a link to a blog post I wrote about the issues raised in the film:  http://www.taliclarke.com/#!12-Bar-A-Riot-Of-Our-Own/colb/553e4d4f0cf2731334fa14ef

I also spoke about it on London Live a couple of weeks ago – http://www.londonlive.co.uk/ – (but not sure if catch up is available for this show!)

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A Riot Of Our Own – film trailer revealed