River Nelson reveals new album ‘How To Dream’ + single ‘More’

River Nelson reveals new album ‘How To Dream’ + single ‘More’

River Nelson reveals new album ‘How To Dream’ released 22 July

premieres single ‘More’ via Northern Transmissions

listen here

“How To Dream”is the third full length album from U.S. hip­hop artist River Nelson, after his critically acclaimed LPs The  Rise  and  Fall  of  River Nelson and The Shape of the Sky. Comprised of 12 tracks, the new album is about staying loyal to your dreams, regardless of age, personal difficulties or life’s daily challenges.

“Life has a way of making you forget what your true passions are,” said River. “And sometimes age and time can make you feel guilty about still chasing your dreams, so this album serves as a reminder to never quit pursuing whatever it is you want to do.”

Songs o n “ How To Dream ” include  the warm and sunshiney More”, this summer’s official feel ­good song andRandom Thoughts”, where River displays his talent for crafting visual lyrics: “Black wings made of feathers on my back and I fly / One day I’m gonna soar and fix the crack in the sky,” he raps.

Then there’s the epic cut Donnie,which tells the story of a 17­year­old who leaves his hometown to chase his dreams, and while he faces numerous challenges, he learns some crucial life ­lessons along the way.

Other tunes include the heartbreaking relationship ­song Hardest Wordfeaturing UK artist Sam Sure and the inspirational cut Lift Off which both combine stellar lyricism and expertly crafted backing music.

The producers on“How To Dream”include the well­ known British beat­maker Giacomo Trivelli, of the critically acclaimed hip­hop group Sam Sure & Giacomo. Plus, British producer Matt Sibley, who’s worked with Grammy nominated artist Fred Ball.

Another producer on the album — also from the UK — is Bias, who used to be the DJ for the rapper Lewis Parker and has since crafted several critically acclaimed LPs. And Kim Hansson, aka Film­ beats, an up­ and ­coming hip­hop producer from Sweden, contributed a track as well.

Simply put, the How To Dream” album represents what hiphop is, could be and once was, all in one fell swoop.

“I strongly believe you’ll hear the passion and hard work in each song on this project, and you’ll also feel inspired as it plays from beginning to end,” stated River.

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River Nelson reveals new album ‘How To Dream’ + single ‘More’