Rob J Madin Releases Cracked, Shattered & Pop LP On June 1st

Rob J Madin Releases Cracked, Shattered & Pop LP On June 1st


RELEASED – 1st JUNE 2015

Singer-songwriter, producer and all-round funny bone tickler Rob J Madin is delighted to announce the release of a brand new album: ‘Cracked, Shattered & Pop’.

Madin, who is better known to millions of YouTube followers as his hilariously anarchic keytar slaying alter ego Brett Domino (of The Brett Domino Trio fame), will self-release this new collection of tracks on 1st June 2015.

Comprising 11 tracks in total, ‘Cracked, Shattered & Pop’ was initially written and recorded nearly seven years ago whilst Madin was studying for a degree in Music Production at Leeds’ College of Music. Whilst the songs had once been intended for release on LP around the time of their original recording, the project was shelved as Madin’s comedy career began to soar.

With 20 million hits on YouTube for his antics as socially inept Keytarist Brett Domino, a UK Top 40 chart smash, BBC productions (including the side-splitting pilot for C-BOMB, a BBC3 sitcom for BBC3 about a dubstep producer in Sheffield) and a British Comedy Award nomination for “How To Make A Hit Pop Song” all under his belt by the age of 28 – who can blame him for perhaps getting a little sidetracked?

However, while music has always been at the heart of Rob J Madin’s creations, it is only now that the polymath has felt it right to release ‘Cracked, Shattered & Pop’, his first full length album.

Taking influence from the playful 70s glam pop of ELO and Elton John and infusing it with the stylistic sass of ‘Britpop’-era indie titans like Pulp and Blur, the record features a score that sounds every bit as fun as the lyrics that adorn it.

Speaking about the release finally being made public all these years later,  Rob J Madinsaid:  “It’s a bit of a weird one, as some of the songs on it are nearing a decade-old now, so I do feel a bit disconnected from them in some ways… but there’s also lots of stuff on it that I’m really proud of, so it’s been good to be able to go back and re-mix it from the ground up.”

A multi-instrumentalist, Madin takes centre stage on the album, playing nearly all the instruments heard including guitars, bass, keys and more. Comedy partner Ste Anderson also lends his familiar Brett Domino Trio drumming to the record too, plus a sprinkling of horn sections, string quartets and even the talents of a small choir as the record receives the full mixing and mastering works 7 years after the initial songs were laid down.

Earlier this year, Madin launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the mixing, mastering and digital release of the album releasing a number of promo videos which can be viewed below.

With a global audience now hooked on his keen ability for earworm-worthy melodies and ever hungry for more from his wonderful imagination, ‘Cracked, Shattered & Pop’ may have been a long time coming, but sure to be every bit worth the wait.

ROB J MADIN will release: “CRACKED, SHATTERED & POP” LP on 1st June 2015

Check out the Kick Starter Campaign for “CRACKED, SHATTERED & POP” here:

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Rob J Madin Releases Cracked, Shattered & Pop LP On June 1st