Ron Gallo airs video for Heavy Metal

Ron Gallo airs video for Heavy Metal



Watch the video for ‘Please Yourself’

10th February 2017 New West Records


Ron Gallo is set to release his New West Records debut HEAVY META 10th February 2017.  The 11-song set is drenched in aggression and fuzz with themes ranging from his personal ideology on abstaining from drugs and alcohol, self-empowerment, domestication, dead love, not knowing yourself, mental illness and more.  The songs often demonstrate a sense of frustration with the human race, balanced by the underlying hopefulness of an idealistic realist.
Gallo is a “big-haired punk raised in the 90s” and he treads the line between two mindsets:  1. The world is completely fucked.  And 2. The Universe is inside you.  He states, “This record comes from my frustration with humanity and myself, and from my wanting to shake us all.  At my core, I’m compassionate for humanity and the sickness that we all live with, and from that comes something more constructive.”  With the current political and societal climate, now is the perfect time for an album like HEAVY META.  He offers, “Party is over – this is the beginning of true personal responsibility for ourselves and our world and so we must LIVE truth, be freaks, be fearless, be light, love and be our best selves.”


On the night of Saturday, November 19th, Ron Gallo, his band, and director Joshua Shoemaker loaded a PA system and bolted their gear to a small wooden stage in the back of a Ford F-150 truck and shot the video for his new single “Please Yourself” in the middle of downtown Nashville’s busiest intersection. Shot entirely in one take.


Ron Gallo got his musical start during his eight-year stint as leader of the Philadelphia combo Toy Soldiers.  The band began as a guitar/drums duo, evolving into a sprawling 12-piece and eventually settling into a more manageable quintet before calling it quits in 2014.  Most of the songs on HEAVY META were written in a Philadelphia bedroom over the course of a multi-year relationship with a woman experiencing heavy personal struggles.  Once that relationship ended, Ron relocated to East Nashville to complete the album in the wake of a personal reawakening and musical rebirth.  He recorded the songs in small batches without the initial intention of making an album, and without the support of a record label.  “They were written and recorded over the most intense and transformative years of my life,” Gallo states.  “Coming out on the other side, I now look at my past as a hazy dream where I did not know myself or the world at all.  I still don’t know anything, but I’m closer than before.  There is so much to learn outside of your comfort zone.”
Check out the video for the first track released from HEAVY META, Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me here.

Track Listing
1. Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me
2. Put The Kids To Bed
3. Kill The Medicine Man
4. Poor Traits Of The Artist
5. Why Do You Have Kids
6. Please Yourself
7. Black Market Eyes
8. Can’t Stand You
9. Started A War
10. Don’t Mind The Lion
11. All The Punks Are Domesticated

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Ron Gallo airs video for Heavy Metal