Rose Tattoo – Blood Brothers (CD via Golden Robot Records)

Rose Tattoo – Blood Brothers (CD via Golden Robot Records)

Australian rockers Rose Tattoo have a long and proud history, and a few AC/DC links too. Fronted by vocalist Angry Anderson (yes he of the Neighbours wedding theme), they originally had a lot of AC/DC links; aside the label and production team in the late 70s, they had a similar blues and boogie, adding a huge amount of street punk attitude and slide guitar. Some classics back in the day, a discography that’s essential listening.

A few reformations along the way, a lot of line-up changes, and a number of serving and former members passing beyond, Angry Anderson has kept the band alive, and they continue to rock. Hard.

This 2007 album has been largely overlooked in favour of the first four albums, and this reissue comes as a fine reminder of how good the band remained given the changes.

Opener Blacked Eyed Bruiser is a solid and heavy rocker. The production is great, and there’s still an edge that gives Angry his uniqueness.

There’s some seriously good rock here, slightly chunkier than the earlier material. It verges more on metal, and although the slide guitar injections are certainly blistering, it’ll never quite have the cutting edge of the first 2 or 3 albums. Original guitarist Mick Cocks does a fine job but the absence of his original sparring partner Pete Wells means that street brawling sound will never be the same.

City Blues is a little slower; the blues is good but the slower pace is a pedestrian ballad by Rose Tattoo standards.

Overall it’s a great trad metal album that is guaranteed an enjoyable listen. The booklet has lyrics and plenty of pics, although no reissue notes. Excellent live bonus tracks though. 7/10

Joe Geesin


Track List

  1. Black Eyed Bruiser
  2. Slipping Away
  3. Once In A Lifetime
  4. 1854
  5. City Blues
  6. Sweet Meat
  7. Man About Town
  8. Creeper
  9. Standover Man
  10. Nothing To Lose
  11. Lubricated
  12. Man About Town (live, bonus track)
  13. Black Eyed Bruiser (live, bonus track)
  14. Once In A Lifetime (live, bonus track)
  15. Sweet Meat (live, bonus track)
  16. Standover Man (live, bonus track)
  17. Nothing To Lose (live, bonus track)


Angry Anderson – Vocals

Mick Cocks – Guitar

Stephen King – Bass

Paul DeMarco – Drums

Dai Pritchard – Guitar

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Rose Tattoo – Blood Brothers (CD via Golden Robot Records)