Rossington – Take It On Faith (Out 4 Nov via Loud & Proud Records)

Rossington – Take It On Faith (Out 4 Nov via Loud & Proud Records)

Guitarist Gary Rossington will forever be known as a founder member of Southern Rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd, playing on all and co-writing many of their best known numbers. The sole remaining original member, Rossington has also recorded solo and with the Rossington Collins band.

Here, Rossington is Gary and wife Dale (nee Krantz, originally with 38 Special and a backing vocalist for Skynyrd),  it is their first work together under this banner. It was also recorded after Gary had to miss a couple of Lynyrd Skynyrd shows, due to health problems from the infamous 1977 plane crash.

Leading on well from the Skynyrd sound, there’s a strong Americana edge to the blues here, with the opener ‘Highway Of Love’ a fine track, a good melody and lots if interplay. ‘I Should Have Known’ is a big sounding blues/soul number, Dale’s vocals strong, the production big, the piano adds well. The song picks up pace nicely, a real bar-room showcase number and a standout.

More so than the title track which, for me, just drifts on by a little too easily.

‘Dance While You’re Cookin’’ (I’m sure many do after a glass of wine or two) is a bolder brassier track that stands out. Harmonica, slide guitar, a good groove, what’s not to like?

‘Something Fishy’ – now that’s blues – could do with a lot more of this track. Solid, groovin’, grabs the music by the balls. That track is a highlight a good and solid album let down by moments of Middle Of The Road. 7.5/10

Joe Geesin


Track listing:

1. Highway of Love

2. I Should’ve Known

3. Take It On Faith

4. Light A Candle

5. Dance While You’re Cookin’

6. Shame On Me

7. Good Side of Good

8. Through My Eyes

9. Something Fishy

10. Too Many Rainy Days

11. Where Did Love Go

12. Two Very Different Things



Gary Rossington – guitar

Dale Rossington – vocals

Jack Holder – guitar

Richie Hayward – drums

Bruce McCabe – piano, keyboards

Delbert McClinton- harmonica

Gary Nicholson – guitar

David Smith – bass

Reese Winans – organ

Kenny Greenburg – guitar overdubs

Michael Rojas – piano

Gordon Mote – piano and B3 overdubs

Shawn Camp – dobro

Bekka Bramlett & Vicki Hampton – additional vocals

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Rossington – Take It On Faith (Out 4 Nov via Loud & Proud Records)