Salty Dog @ Electric Picnic (Ham Sandwich, Mighty Stef, Edward Sharpe & a boat loads of other acts)

Salty Dog @ Electric Picnic (Ham Sandwich, Mighty Stef, Edward Sharpe & a boat loads of other acts)




2nd, 3rd, 4th September 2011


That flea-ridden pub-tanned charmer of the Electric Picnic, the Salty Dog, heaves itself up and smiles as another day dawns.

The faded red shipwreck, once a proud vessel of the seas, now lies in the woods at Stradbally in decadent retirement, lowering the tone and living the life of a strawberry-nosed ex-pat with a few bob, but not quite enough.

Round the beginning of September each year, a large, raised stage—cut from the mid-section of the wreck—comes alive. Rum-fuelled sea shanties, rasping washed-up folksters, desert island sounds, and gravelly maritime yarns find their home here… the infamous Salty Dog Saloon emerges out of the fallen masts and rigging when the sun dips below the yard arm.

The Rubberbandits will tie their horse up to the bows, with a ‘Dirt Rave’ featuring MC Daddy Earl; Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros bring their 13-strong band over from California, Phelim Drew brings his new band of renegades The Undertakers for a day out, Salty Dog resident The Mighty Stef can’t stay away, The Cajun Kings dust off their banjos, a very special guest joins Jerry Fish for a bit of seedy cabaret, Prison Love get day-leave, Marner Brown sail from Blighty, and Maria Doyle Kennedy will be playing the mermaid, BP Fallon the merman.
Plymouth-based sea dogs Black Friday return to Ireland for the first time in four years. Not to mention the bands who will limp over for a more informal session after their main stage set, sidle on stage when the girlfriend’s not looking.
The Salty Dog…… Dock up, get a tat, and stay portside for the weekend.

EP image 2

14.00-15.45 Will Softly (DJ)
16.00-17.15 Anna and The Infidels
17.30-18.30 Huey and the Hobgoblins
18.45-19.45 The Band of Midnight Love
20.00-21.00 Rural Savage
21.30-22.30 Hot Sprockets
23.00-00.15 Jerry Fish and the Mudbug Club
00.45-01.45 Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
01.50-02.30 BP Fallon (DJ)
02.40-04.00 Black Friday
11.00-12.20 Julian Lloyd’s Love Breakfast (DJ)
12.30-14.00 Jazzberries
14.30-15.30 Skazz
16.00-17.00 Ange Boxall & Troubadour Rose
17.15-18.15 The Timber Tramps
18.30-19.30 Mola
19.45-20.45 The Transformation Blues Band
21.00-22.00 The Riptide Movement
22.15-23.15 Ham Sandwich
23.30-00.30 Cajun Kings
00.45-01.45 Prison Love
02.15-04.00 Rubberbandits: Dirty Rave
11.00-12.40 Will Dempsey DJ
13.00-14.15 Maria Doyle Kennedy
14.30-5.45 Fling
16.00-17.15 Blind Yackety
17.15-18.15 The Dark Jokes
18.30-19.30 Oddsocks Revival
19.45–20.00 Phelim Drew and the Undertakers
21.00-22.00 Sweet Jane
22.15-23.30 Marner Brown
23.45-00.45 Candidates Cujo Family
02.15-0.3.30 Mighty Stef
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Further information: LHP – 01 497 0313
TICKETS : Weekend Tickets are €240
Sunday Day Tickets: EU99.50 (No camping permitted)
Tickets are available from & usual outlets. All ticket prices include booking fee & VAT
Credit Card Hotline: Ph 0818 719300 Republic of Ireland / 0870 2434455 UK/Northern Ireland.
Phone / internet bookings are subject to 12.5% service charges. Agents fee is €2.50.

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Salty Dog @ Electric Picnic (Ham Sandwich, Mighty Stef, Edward Sharpe & a boat loads of other acts)