Savages ‘I Am Here’ EP (Popnoire Records)

Savages ‘I Am Here’ EP (Popnoire Records)

Released September 30th on digital and October 8th on 12″ vinyl via Popnoire Records

It may seem like a brave move for a band to release a live EP for their second single but for Savages it makes perfect sense, it really does baffle me why this group is not already huge but hopefully this record will change that.
Live Savages have a raw frenetic power that is amazing to watch, luckily it is equally impressive aurally. ‘I Am Here’ is a great introduction to Savages for the uninitiated, they are one of those groups that sound almost exactly the same recorded in the studio as they do on stage.

‘City’s Full’ perfectly sums up Savages style after a quick ‘Hello!’ and the roar of the crowd, it’s all searing guitar, banging bass and driving drums. That’s not to forget the passionate vocal of front woman Jehnny Beth who twitches and shudders as though she is possessed by both Siouxsie Sioux & Ian Curtis.

As we hit the 1.25 mark that guitar erupts with full fury, this is adrenalin fuelled and as the song slows towards the end you can almost feel your pulse go back to normal before it kicks off again in a final flurry.

Other tracks on the EP include ‘Give Me A Gun’ which is approximately 2 minutes of choppy guitar led punk anthem, the brilliant, bruising title track ‘I Am Here’ and the bands astonishing debut ‘Husbands’ which revolves around a bouncing bass line and some of the most ear shattering guitar playing you will hear for a while.

This band not only commands your immediate attention but they actually deserve it. 8.75/10

Jamie Gambino

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Savages ‘I Am Here’ EP (Popnoire Records)