Savages Live Leeds Cockpit, Saturday July 28th

Savages Live Leeds Cockpit, Saturday July 28th

Savages are playing the upstairs room of Leeds Cockpit a venue that is part living room part air raid shelter, it seems wholly inadequate to play host to ‘The most exciting band to have emerged in years’ TM but the intimacy only adds to tonight’s atmosphere.

For a long time now I have been secretly hoping for something to stir up today’s music scene and Savages are definitely the answer.
Coming on stage to the club scene music from David Lynch’s underrated master piece ‘Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me’ sets the tone, this is dark twisted brilliance and it quickly becomes evident to the 50 or so people crammed into the Cockpits room 3 that they are about to witness something very special indeed.

Savages have stated that their intention is to create songs that are indestructible and musically solid, they have been described as being post punk but this aural assault is as punk rock as it gets.

Powerhouse bass and drums prop up sonic guitar, creating a brutal wall of sound as thrilling as it is amazing. Singer Jehnny has the stage presence of Ian Curtis in stilettos and a vocal not unlike Siouxsie Sioux, serious legendary comparisons but Savages really are that good.

They may be putting records out via indie label Pop Noire and charging £6 a ticket at the moment but that will surely change in the near future.
Single ‘Husbands’ is a highlight from an hours setlist that doesn’t falter once. ‘City’s Full’ and new track ‘Another War’ all deliver – the album is going be fantastic.

Catch them at all costs, tonight’s gig was amongst the best I have ever attended and I sincerely feel I have just been part of  something culturally significant. 10/10

Jamie Gambino

Savages LIVE – Pop Noire February night @ The Shacklewell Arms, London playing, City’s Full [HD]

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Savages Live Leeds Cockpit, Saturday July 28th