SAVOY : ‘See The Beauty In Your Drab Hometown’ – new album

SAVOY : ‘See The Beauty In Your Drab Hometown’ – new album



NEW ALBUM OUT 09.02.18



‘January Thaw’

Frode Unneland, Lauren Savoy and Pål Waaktaar-Savoy (the main songwriter and guitarist in A-ha)

debuted as Savoy in 1996 with the album ‘Mary Is Coming’, and followed it with ‘Lackluster Me’ (1997),

‘Mountains Of Time’ (1999), ‘Reasons To Stay Indoors’ (2001), ’Savoy’ (2004), plus the 2007 compilation

album ’Savoy Songbook Vol 1’. They have won two Norwegian Grammy Awards along the way, while

their best known song, ‘Velvet’, was covered by A-ha on their 2000 album ‘Minor Earth, Major Sky’.

The group are finally preparing to release their long-awaited sixth studio album, their first in 13 years.

’See The Beauty In Your Drab Hometown’ has been described by Pål as “one of the least demanding

albums to make as the songs found their shape much faster than before.” Some of the recording

sessions took place in Clubhouse Studios in Rhinebeck, New York (close to Woodstock), where the

drums and various overdubs were laid down.

‘Night Watch’

Unlike A-ha, Savoy historically has had a down to earth indie rock approach to its music, although the

new album does contain more programming than ever before. All of the group’s songs are composed

by Pål and his wife Lauren, who is a film maker by profession, while Frode Unneland is recognised as

one of the best drummers on the Bergen, Norway scene. He has also played with Sondre Lerche.

The group have achieved great critical success in their home territory and have actually been

nominated for 3 Norwegian Grammy Awards. Aside from ‘Velvet’, other well known songs by the

band include ‘Rain’, ’Star’, ‘Grind You Down’, ‘If You Won’t Come To The Party’ and ‘Whalebone’

(from the soundtrack of the acclaimed Norwegian film ‘Hawaii Oslo’). The last of these cleverly

recycles lyrics from A-ha’s 1993 song ‘Locust’.

When asked if he had to choose between A-ha and Savoy, Pål replies : “You’re trying to get me into

trouble here! I really just look upon it as different paths to release music that I’m passionate about.

I feel the same about the album I made with [US singer] Zoe Gnecco last year. It’s funny – once you

start thinking about an album, no matter what the band is, that’s when the songs start to appear.” 


1. Night Watch

2. A Month Of Sundays

3. Falls Park

4. Manmade Lake

5. Bump

6. January Thaw

7. Shy Teens Suffering Silently

8. We’re The Same Way

9. Sunlit Byways

10. (My) Weathervane


The album will be available on CD, LP and digitally.

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SAVOY : ‘See The Beauty In Your Drab Hometown’ – new album