Scar Symmetry – ‘Limits to Infinity ‘ (Nuclear Blast Records)

Scar Symmetry – ‘Limits to Infinity ‘ (Nuclear Blast Records)

Swedish metallers Scar Symmetry release their newest album entitled The Singularity on October 6th Limits to Infinity which is to be featured on the album.

I heard about Scar Symmetry a long while back by a guy I played in a band with at the time and if I’m honest I never actually bothered my arse to check them out. Now after listening to them this afternoon I’m a little annoyed I didn’t check

them out when I was first told about them.

The music is technically sound and the production on the song is superb. If the entire album has been produced like this then it’s going to be a lovely little gem to have in your CD collection.

The only thing I am unable to take is the production on the keyboards. To me it gives what all in all is a great metal tune too much of a cheesy 80s vibe.

Sorry guys just saying is all. 7.2/10
Chris Storey

…and they have recently released a lyric video for their track

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Scar Symmetry – ‘Limits to Infinity ‘ (Nuclear Blast Records)