SCATTERED HAMLET – Swamp Dixie Rebel (Out 4 November Black Moon Productions)

SCATTERED HAMLET – Swamp Dixie Rebel (Out 4 November Black Moon Productions)

Second album from this Honky Tonk Metal outfit, their debut Skeleton Dixie made waves and this is likely to follow suit

This is definitely a metal album, but with a strong Southern touch, the other foot in the blues-metal rock’n’roll that Motorhead allude to. And a bit of Down too.

A marching band style to the opener ‘Battle Hymn’ builds to a thumping track that’s got a rough edge, a nu-grind, and there’s a blistering guitar solo in there too.

‘Whip-Poor-Will’ is a nod to the off-piste Metallica; ‘Stonewall Jackson’ is a better track, with a nod to the Black Crowes, only roughed up with the coarsest possible sandpaper.

Thus far a little heavy and rough to really appreciate the undertones, but I definitely perked up with ‘Four Barrel Mojo’, a blues intro then one of the heaviest boogie metal tracks you’ll hear crashes through. Motorhead meets Molly Hatchet for sure. Add a third guitar and string out a bit and you’d have a near pretty bloody perfect groove.

When that kind of groove seeps through you have a damn fine groove that makes the album wonderful. ‘White Trash’ is another track that stands out.

The title track is worth checking out – at the heavy and sleazy end of Southern Rock, the amount of distortion the only deflection.

‘Green Bastard’ has a high octane part feel to the metal – some blistering fretboard runs here.

Often the vocals fit, sometimes a little shouted / forced, but the twin guitar interplay is great on most tracks here. The heaviness and roughness of 90s metal and Motorhead with a groove that adds an extra dimension. 7.5/10

Joe Geesin

10-29 in Hollywood, CA at Loaded
11-04 in Tulsa, OK at The Shrine
11-05 in Denison, TX at Kiotee Club
11-06 in Houston, TX at BFE Rock Club
11-09 in Columbia, MO at East Side Tavern
11-10 in Newport, MN at Opinion Brewing Company
11-11 in Merriam, KS at Aftershock
11-12 in La Salle, IL at 516 On First
11-16 in Joplin, MO at Blackthorn Pizza
11-17 in Fayetteville, AR at Lightbulb Club
11-18 in Louisville, KY at The New Vintage

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SCATTERED HAMLET – Swamp Dixie Rebel (Out 4 November Black Moon Productions)