SchulKid Reveals New Single "Slow Dancing" ft Valair‏‏‎

SchulKid Reveals New Single "Slow Dancing" ft Valair‏‏‎

SchulKid Reveals New Single “Slow Dancing” ft Valair

“A rare talent”Clash

“Intrigued to see what the future holds for this London producer”Indie Shuffle

Elusive London producer/songwriter/artist Schulkid is set to release the multi-influential Slow Dancing next month, continuing snowballing praise from the likes of Indie Shuffle, Clash and Music Ninja following the release of last year’s scenesetter Wildest Promise.

Teaming up with Belgium-based singer Valair for a second time, SchulKid’s Slow Dancing embodies the producer’s talent of taking far-flung and diverse influences and distilling them into a single sound unlike anything else. Living and growing up in many different places as a child, including a hugely significant move to Hong Kong, SchulKid’s upbringing encouraged a life of variety that can be seen in his art and music.

The exciting dystopian atmosphere that surrounds SchulKid is emphasised by being a ‘faceless’ artist, refusing to show his true identity and instead suggesting that listeners use his personal sketches on Instagram as guides to him and his art: “You can choose to believe I look like any one of them, whichever portrait the music guides you to. I have no desire to be recognized at face value, I just want people to recognize my sound in the future.”

Slow Dancing takes a deep electro beat and couples it alongside diverse melodies and tribal attitude. The track appeals to a broad base of listeners despite never compromising on style, with Schulkid’s love of experimental structure gleefully orchestrating the beat whilst his fondness for Eastern Europe, Asian and African music all come to the forefront.

Listen to “Slow Dancing” here

Schulkid’s Slow Dancing featuring Valair will be digitally released on 19 June via Stop Being Cute.

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SchulKid Reveals New Single "Slow Dancing" ft Valair‏‏‎