SCHULTZ & FOREVER Announces New Single ‘P.O.V’

SCHULTZ & FOREVER Announces New Single ‘P.O.V’

Live: Thu 13th Feb 2014 – Ja Ja Ja @ LONDON, The Lexington

After finding success in Denmark at the age of 17 with his first EP, Jonathan Schultz fled to Paris keen to broaden his musical horizons. Fast forward 2 years on and Schultz is back in Denmark, taking an altogether more psychedelic approach, his distinct half-spoken half-sung phrasing rises up for air through foggy layers of organ and wonky distortion.

“Everything around me changed when I realised that some of the values I was taught when I was younger weren’t something I believed in anymore,” reveals Schultz. “Values in religion and sex for instance; I was taught that sex is something that is kept locked in marriage. ‘P.O.V’ is about what I believe was my youth-transition from a fantasy world to reality.”

In search of the truth Schultz has found food for thought through Japanese stories about self-realisation and human consciousness, particularly those of author and playwright Yukio Mishima’s My Friend Hitler and Other Plays.


Stream new single ‘P.O.V’ below

‘POV’ will feature on Schultz & Forever’s forthcoming debut album; a record which according to Schultz, won’t be one to hold back. “We live in a society where everyone wants to promote themselves sexually and socially,” he says. “I’m not trying to be sceptic about the society we live in but I find the modern idea of sex bizarre and interesting.”

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SCHULTZ & FOREVER Announces New Single ‘P.O.V’