Seattle’s Legendary 7 Year Bitch Announce ‘Live At Moe’ Out 1/15 + Iconic Single "The Scratch"

Seattle’s Legendary 7 Year Bitch Announce ‘Live At Moe’ Out 1/15 + Iconic Single "The Scratch"

7 Year Bitch: Live at Moe

Announce Unearthed Album Live at Moe

Recorded in 1996 at Seattle’s Legendary Club MOE

Released January 15th via MOE Recordings

Pitchfork Premiered Iconic Single “The Scratch

via Album Trailer Unleashed Today

Photo Credit: David Hawkes

“Fast, funny and never completely satisfied, 7 Year Bitch epitomize their genre and make a noise like no one else.”

Rolling Stone, 1994

“The four-piece stops sexist shitheads cold with a double shot of super sharp riffs and extra-large egos that doesn’t leave any room for sniveling about male superiority in the scene or anywhere else.”

SPIN Magazine, 1994

“Hollywood’s best screenwriters couldn’t invent a more perfect punk band for the ‘90s than Seattle’s 7 Year Bitch.”

The Los Angeles Times, 1994

“7 Year Bitch is a band that will outlast the current ‘girl with guitar’ chic”

The Philadelphia Inquirer, 1994

Few rock bands have as heavy—or as deeply complicated—a legacy as that of 7 Year Bitch. Formed in Seattle in 1990 just as the music world was about to be flipped on its head by the explosion of grunge the band was, from the very beginning, hell bent on carving their own distinct path. Less concerned with being feminist trailblazers than simply being an incredibly kick-ass rock band, 7 Year Bitch ended up being both.


Nearly 20 years since the legendary group played their last shows, 7 Year Bitch is set to release Live at Moe a live album that documents the band at the peak of their powers.  Due out on January 15 via MOE Recordings, the album was recorded in 1996 at Seattle’s Club MOE.  Originally broadcast on, the first website to stream music directly from a club, the recordings were forgotten until rediscovered by producer and MOE Recordings co-founder Scott Blum, who found them languishing in a box buried in his basement.


Their three studio albums—1992 debut album Sick ‘Em, 1994’s landmark ¡Viva Zapata!, and the band’s swan song, 1996’s Gato Negro—rank among some of the best and resolutely bombastic records unleashed during the 1990’s, heavy as all hell rock albums loaded front to back with equal parts dynamic songwriting and a healthy dose of punk rock fury. On Live at Moe, 7 Year Bitch rips through a career-spanning set which includes ferocious live renditions of audience favorites “The Scratch”, “Lorna”, and “M.I.A.”, as well as deeper cuts such as “Crying Shame” and “The Midst”. The record not only serves as a testament to their riveting, raw and electric energy, but also to the diversity of their catalog.


Pitchfork Premiered Iconic Single “The Scratch” today

Formed by drummer Valerie Agnew, vocalist Selene Vigil-Wilk, guitarist Stefanie Sargent and bassist Elizabeth Davis- Simpson, the album features the classic 7 Year Bitch lineup with Roisin Dunne on guitar, and was produced by Scott Blum. Live at Moe will be released on CD, digitally and limited edition 180 gram red & black split vinyl. Pre-Order is available now on


Track listing:

1. 24,900 Miles Per Hour

2. Crying Shame

3. M.I.A.

4. Deep In The Heart

5. Hip Like Junk

6. Miss Understood

7. Rock A Bye

8. The Midst

9. Lorna

10. 2nd Hand

11. The Scratch

12. Kiss My Ass Goodbye

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Seattle’s Legendary 7 Year Bitch Announce ‘Live At Moe’ Out 1/15 + Iconic Single "The Scratch"