Self Destructo Records Detail Punk Rock Bowling Showcase

Self Destructo Records Detail Punk Rock Bowling Showcase

We’ll be apart of this year’s Punk Rock Bowling festivities with a showcase that we’re doing at The Beauty Bar on May 24th from Noon – 3:00 p.m.

Three bands, one bar and free for the public to check out.  Scheduled to perform are:

The Sorority – For fans of Quicksand, Neurosis and Cave In.
Jonny Manak & The Depressives – For fans of Radio Birdman, The Stooges and Dead Boys.
You Know Who – For fans of Suicidal Tendencies, Mahavishnu Orchestra, RKL.

Also, we’ll be passing out copies of this comp CD we made for this occasion that we made with our friend Carey from Strange Magic Records at Punk Rock Bowling.

1. Against The Grain – Always a Fight “Motor City Speed Rock” 10” (SDR 006)
2. Rawhypnols – Lack of Style “Rawhypnols” LP (SM-011)
3. Cuchillo – Waste  “Cuchillo” 7” (SDR 013)
4. Chuck Norris Experiment – Path of Destruction “Respect The Chuck America!” CD (SM-025)
5. The Meatmen – Dinosaur “Savage Sagas” LP/ CD (SDR 010)
6. Bitch Queens – Anti Hero “Kill Your Friends” LP (SM-023)
7. You Know Who – Marshall Stacks and Alcohol “You Know Who” LP (SDR 019)
8. Channel 43 – Conquer “3160 Ellwood Ave.” CD (SM-018)
9. Peter Pan Speedrock – Loose Women and Loud Guitars “Buckle Up & Shove It” LP/ CD (SDR 015)
10. The Hip Priests – Zero Fucks Given “Black Denim Blitz” LP (SM-020)  CD (SDR 011)
11. Against The Grain – Run For Your Life “Road Warriors” LP/ CD (SDR 020)
12. Jonny Manak and The Depressives – Weapons of Mass Destruction  “Cold Pizza & Warm Beer” LP/ CD (SDR 017)
13. Adam West – Call Your Bluff “Five the Hard Way! (All recordings 1992-1994)” CD (SM-002)
14. The Supermen – Devious One “Back With A Gangbang” LP (SDR 018)
15. Chuck Norris Experiment – Dinosaur Fire “Best Of The First Five” LP/CD (SM-006)
16. Epic Problem – Nihilistic Army  “Omega Motherfuckers” CD  (SDR 004)
17.  Jake Starr and The Delicious Fullness – A Place Called ‘I Luv U’ “Tastes Good!” LP (SM-022)
18.  Razorbats – Soul Shaker “Camp Rock” LP/ CD (SDR 022)
19. The Egyptian Gay Lovers – Shout Out Loud “No Fuck. No Ride.” CD (SM-003)
20. Antique Scream – Black Magic II “Two Bad Dudes” LP (SDR 014)
21. King Mastino – Ain’t Nothing To Fade “We Refuse To Sink” LP (SM-016)
22. Revolving Beast – Four Banger “Spilt Series, Vol. 1” LP (SDR 012)
23. Channel 43 – Let’s Destroy Them “Cold Day In Purgatory” CD (SM-019)
24. Holley 750 – Riverside Rock N Roll “All This & Then Some…” Digital Discography (SDR 007)
25. Borracho – Empty “Oculus” LP (SM-012)

Best of both worlds on one CD and we’re giving them out at the Turbonegro merch booth all weekend, come grab one!

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Self Destructo Records Detail Punk Rock Bowling Showcase