Sevendeaths > surprise LP ‘Remote Sympathy’ out now > listen/embed here

Sevendeaths > surprise LP ‘Remote Sympathy’ out now > listen/embed here

‘Remote Sympathy’ out now on LuckyMe

Hear ‘Eternal Sprung’

LuckyMe are proud to present ‘Remote Sympathy’ – the new album and first ever physical release from the enigmatic Scottish artist Sevendeaths

Stream the full record on Spotify here
Out on Double Vinyl and HD download today


Sevendeaths is the alias of the revered Edinburgh-based musician, producer, and composer Steven Shade. ‘Remote Sympathy’ is his greatest body of work yet and the first to be committed to vinyl. An album of cinematic, synth-epic drone music – created during long nights of sleep deprivation – the record is both a celebration of life and human strength and an acceptance of the frailty of the human spirit.

With Remote Sympathy, Shade has created a more emotional, personal, and expansive record than his previously acclaimed works (noted for their complex technical brilliance and conceptual narratives) ’Concreté Misery’ and ‘sometimes, silence’. Here he sounds the depths of the human psyche, creating a brutal maelstrom where dense slabs of noise gyre. But this is not a record only of fear and darkness – there is hope and light here too, soaring melodies amid the tumult.

Using noise as a metaphor for information overload, Shade questions how technology creates fragmented selves. Who are we now, in the era of the internet? And how can we give voice to our experience, now both totalizing and discordant? He has opened up the restrictive digital process mastered on Concreté Misery, allowing natural sounds through via spectral resynthesis and sampling techniques, alongside vocal and live contributions from long term collaborators Rafe Fitzpatrick (Alasdair Roberts and friends / ilk) and Iban Perez (Tut vu vu / Nai-ox).

Sevendeaths takes inspiration from the industrial and noise giants of Coil and Prurient, the enveloping sadness of Richard Skelton and the acousmatic sounds of

Bernard Parmigiani.


LM045 Sevendeaths – Remote Sympathy

Out worldwide Feb 24 (Digital / Ltd Vinyl / CD)

1.     Sunnbear

2.     Journey to E

3.     A Kin 2

4.     Eternal Sprung

5.     The Humours in The Tumours

6.     Seed

7.     Remote Sympathy

8.     Subordinate Claudes

9.     Torrent of Tears

10.  Some Burnt



“The enormity, density and sheer meanness of this eye-popping wall of sound hit like a slow-motion slug to the gut.” – Pitchfork Best New Music


“Recalls the distorted sounds of artists like Fennesz, Emeralds, and Tim Hecker, but with a surreally exacting touch.” – Pitchfork Rising

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Sevendeaths > surprise LP ‘Remote Sympathy’ out now > listen/embed here