Shawna Virago – ‘Last Night’s Sugar’

Shawna Virago – ‘Last Night’s Sugar’

Transgender punk music pioneer Shawna Virago is releasing her latest single from her new studio album, Heaven Sent Delinquent. 

The trail-blazing singer-songwriter weaves harrowing tales of rebelling queers, despondent misfits, and a stream of delinquent escape artists.  Their journeys are chronicled in 10 intimate sessions that transcends beyond your normal transactions, following these people through dusty towns, the undeniable past, and possibly through the violence that transgender people deal with.

“Last Night’s Sugar” is among one of those tracks that follows this trajectory.  The single starts out with Virago strumming with ease on her acoustic guitar steadily.  The music, as well as music video carries a zero frills, no fluff kind of no nonsense recourse.  The sparse rendition solely focuses on Virago strumming and singing over her guitar as she beseeches with her lover to return to “last night’s sugar.”

Official video

Scenes from the music video showcases her and her love interest kissing and her watching as he plays chess with an opponent, as well as her wandering down the hallways alone.

The haunting tilt to the track also has a quiet, placating quality to it.  Listeners will be locked into the wry lyrics that accompany the solo sound of the acoustic guitar.  This rendition, though stark, has a spark of the punk spirit running throughout the gamut of the single, making this track among some of the most soulful on the album.

“Last Night’s Sugar” is the second single coming from Heaven Sent Delinquent, an intimate track, resonating with a dark grunge and socially conscious punk feel to it.

About the relevancy behind her music, Virago describes:  “These are the stories of my generation – a generation of transgender people who came out long before the internet, before transgender celebrities and reality TV stars – before anybody gave a shit about us.”  7.7/10

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Shawna Virago – ‘Last Night’s Sugar’