Shed Seven; A Maximum High

Shed Seven; A Maximum High


Shed-Seven---A-Maximum-High-1996-Front-CoverWith an upcoming tour and the release of a 15th Anniversary collectors edition EP  released on 7th November, Rick Witter answered a few questions from Jamie Gambino of With Guitars.





Since reforming Shed Seven in 2007 you have had great success with touring, will a new album be recorded?

We aren’t ruling out the idea of new material but currently we are all tied up in other projects so finding time seems to be the main enemy. I think we would all have to be into the idea of writing 100{56f2936c3fbc3de09a84fd52b6c7526482536b9cf55829985307b198e62a23d8} and as it stands we are probably only 80{56f2936c3fbc3de09a84fd52b6c7526482536b9cf55829985307b198e62a23d8}. My head has ideas rolling round it pretty constantly so maybe one day.

“…at about half 4 in the afternoon somewhere in Germany and the melody/lyrics and music were all done in about an hour. why cant it always be like that? to go from that to having thousands of people singing it back at you is pretty amazing really.”

Why do you think people are so nostalgic of the Brit Pop era?

“People get nostalgic for anything these days. The 90s were pretty hedonistic, so maybe people want to reminisce.”

Looking back what are your favourite memories of the mid 90’s?

“Too many to remember really, T.O.T.P., TFI, japan, America. the benicassim festival in Spain was memorable in 96. We played with the stone roses a couple of months before their ill fated Reading Festival gig. Ian brown and Mani kinda knew it was about to end but the hired musicians they had thought they were the stone roses. laughable really.“Sheds_live_1b

Just how hedonistic were Shed Seven in that time?

”We had our moments thankyou very much!”

Will we get anymore of The Dukes or is your focus now on Shed Seven

“The dukes are on hold while the sheds prepare to tour but i hope to get together with the guys sometime next year and write some stuff.”

You will be performing nearly the whole of the ‘A Maximum High’ album, why do you think it was your biggest hit?

”We are playing 95{56f2936c3fbc3de09a84fd52b6c7526482536b9cf55829985307b198e62a23d8} of max high interspersed with the other hits. yeah it was of its moment that album. i think the time was right. it was hit heavy, i think we had the most top 40s that year with 5, not that that matters much these days. i tell my kids we did top of the pops 10 times and they say “what’s top of the pops!” unbelievable. everything seemed really positive around that time.”

Is it the record you are proudest of and if so why?

”I remember a ‘Maximum High’ was written between mine and Pauls houses and then bashed into shape at a potato factory on the outskirts of york so maybe i wrote such positive lyrics to counteract that particular glamour. certain press used to say we were very meat and potato but can you blame us? the factory isn’t there anymore. its now a massive B&Q.
I’m proud of most things we did, I’m just as proud of songs like ‘thinking again’ off an album called ‘truth be told’ that didn’t quite set the world alight. more people deserve to hear that album, its really very good.”

You have recorded a new acoustic version of ‘Chasing Rainbows’ is the song a particular favourite of the bands?

”As i say I’m proud of most songs we wrote but its undeniable that certain songs are held more dear. rainbows always will just for the memories. it was written at a soundcheck at the tail end of a massive European tour in 96. it was pissing it down at about half 4 in the afternoon somewhere in Germany and the melody/lyrics and music were all done in about an hour. why cant it always be like that? to go from that to having thousands of people singing it back at you is pretty amazing really.”

How did it feel to be back in the studio?

“it felt very natural to be back in a studio environment with the sheds. because we are revisiting old songs there was no real pressure so we had a lot of fun changing certain arrangements and adding new bits. it was all very satisfactory.”

You have had to add an extra date in York due to demand, do you get a different buzz playing in your home town?

”We’ve had to add a few extra dates up and down the country. playing york always feels a bit different as it is our hometown. there is always slightly more pressure to play well as its a small city and i do an awful lot of walking its streets.”



Sat 26th Bournemouth Academy                         0844 477 2000

Sun 27th              Bristol 02 Academy                     0844 477 2000

Tue 29th              Aberdeen Music Hall                 0844 4999 990


Thu 1st              Edinburgh HMV Picture House  0844 4999 990

Friday 02              Glasgow Barrowland                   0844 4999 990

Saturday 03        Newcastle O2 Academy               0844 477 2000

Monday 05         Liverpool O2 Academy                  0844 477 2000

Tuesday 06         Cambridge Junction                       01223 511 511

Thursday 08        Sheffield O2 Academy                  0844 477 2000

Friday 09              Manchester Academy                   0161 832 1111

Saturday 10        Manchester Academy                    0161 832 1111

Sunday 11           Nottingham Rock City                     0845 413 4444

Tuesday 13         Leamington Spa Assembly            0844 811 0051

Wednesday 14 Norwich UEA                                       01603 508 050

Friday 16              Birmingham O2 Academy              0844 477 2000

Saturday 17        London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire  0844 477 2000

Sunday 18           London O2 Shepherds Bush Empire 0844 477 2000

Tuesday 20         Leeds O2 Academy                            0844 477 2000

Wednesday 21  York Barbican                                      0844 854 2757 – *new show added*

Thursday 22        York Barbican                                      0844 854 2757

Tickets for the second York show are on sale Friday 30th September 2011 @ 9am

TICKETS for all other shows ON SALE Now

Buy online: GIGSANDTOURS.COM 24hr cc hotline: 0844 811 0051

To download special acoustic cover of ‘Chasing Rainbows’

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Shed Seven; A Maximum High