Shining Light: Black Honey

Shining Light: Black Honey

For the uninitiated Black Honey are a mysterious indie band from Brighton, all we know is that they are on Duly Noted records, have a Twitter account @BLACKHONEYUK but no Facebook presence and that they write seriously impressive tunes.
‘Sleep Forever’ was the first demo to slip online back in June and it was a fully fledged beauty, drawing comparisons to Lana Del Ray and Nancy Sinatra with it’s cinematic elegance and polished perfection.

With no visible connection to make with the band – we know the singer is female – a buzz quickly circulated around the blogs and to date ‘Sleep Forever’ has amassed over 50’000 plays on soundcloud.

And now Black Honey have returned with another demo release albeit one of astounding quality.

Changing pace from the lush lilting predecessor ‘Sleep Forever’, new song ‘Teenager’ starts off with shimmery guitars and launches into a buoyant playful romp once those seductive vocals kick in.

Melodies swirl, guitars chime and as those sultry vocals fade out we immediately crave more.

I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘Teenager’ sees Black Honey go global and deservedly so.

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Shining Light: Black Honey