Silent Pictures Debut New Single "Twisted Smiles" via PopMatters

Silent Pictures Debut New Single "Twisted Smiles" via PopMatters

Silent Pictures Debuts “Twisted Smiles”

via Popmatters

Let it Begin LP Out July 15

“The sound coming out of Silent Pictures is less a formidable wall and more a shifting dune of sand, all-enveloping and immersive but also wearing and accommodating.”  — PopMatters

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Bay Area psych-gazers Silent Pictures are serving up their big Brit-pop follow up to their first single with the new track “Twisted Smiles,” debuted via PopMatters. Sounding like an extra cut off of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s Darklands, “Twisted Smiles” opens the group up to big chords and big choruses, with dreamy, lulled vocals anchored by a concrete bassline. This track, now streaming on Popmatters, is the second reveal from the upcomingLet it Begin LP, due July 15 via Green Fuse Records.

It’s not wonder as to why “Twisted Smiles” sounds straight from the 90s – it actually is from the 90s. Explains songwriter Alexander Mann, “’Twisted Smiles’ was initially written in the mid 1990’s and is by far the oldest track on Let It Begin. It was this rough stone I was polishing and continued to polish during my career. Although the structure was always there, lyrically it went through many revisions…When we were picking producers to mix the album, I was writing back and forth with Joe Foster, co founder with Alan McGee of Creation Records and member of legendary bands like the Television Personalities and Biff Bang Pow. To me, Joe’s and McGee’s influences on modern day guitar pop music was undeniable. It occurred to me we had two songs that were basically meant to be mixed by him, as he had helped to produce the very first Jesus and Mary Chain single and My Bloody Valentine EP that started their mutual careers.

When I think back on it now, I am still dumbfounded by the amazing amount of talent and their connections to music history that contributed to making Let It Begin. In these modern times where the industry is so detached from its cultural history and yet classic records made by these talents are outselling new music, why wouldn’t I want Silent Pictures to be more apart of that era then the industry’s new push-button song-in-a-box paradigm?”

Let it Begin will be released on vinyl and all DSPs on July 15 via Green Fuse Records. The band will be playing Desert Stars Festival in Joshua Tree, CA, from September 23-24 and will be announcing more live dates throughout the summer. For now, you can stream“Twisted Smiles” via Popmatters.

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Silent Pictures Debut New Single "Twisted Smiles" via PopMatters