Singapore’s Indie Dance 4-piece M1LDL1FE share new track ‘Distraction’!

Singapore’s Indie Dance 4-piece M1LDL1FE share new track ‘Distraction’!

ICYMI: Unveil new single ‘Distraction’

+ self titled EP due 28th July

“Singapore indie-dance four-piece with their sights on the stars…” – Clash Magazine

Rising indie-pop collective M1LDL1FE, are poised to release their new self titled EP due this July. Lead single ‘Distraction’, it’s plaintive entrance giving way to up-tempo pop song that sets out their intentions from the off.

Frontman Paddy Ong details the track: “It’s a song about coming to terms with the various things in life that are ‘distractions’. Your work is a distraction from your side hustle or life outside the office. Sometimes – even though it feels wrong to admit it – you feel like time with your family or loved ones are distractions too. It’s a song for those times when you feel, ‘I don’t have time for this right now’, but it’s your lover’s birthday dinner and you feel terrible for having those thoughts.”

Formerly known as Take Two, M1LDL1FE cuts across the indie-pop grain, weaving together lush electronic textures and eclectic dance grooves into the pop sensibilities of guitar-driven indie music of the early 2000s. They debuted their first EP, “PAIRS” in 2015, receiving critical acclaim from the local press and were slated to be “one of the most exhilarating new acts to emerge from the burgeoning indie-pop scene”. In 2017, following the departure of guitarist Johnathan Lim, the quartet rechristened themselves M1LDL1FE.

A small collection of reflective stories and introspection, M1LDL1FE’s eponymous EP comes glowing with the residue of loss and change. Following the departure of founding member and guitarist, Johnathan Lim, the band had to readjust and recalibrate, choosing to spend time in the studio to rediscover their sound. “I think we took longer than expected to get used to John not being around, and playing music without his ‘voice’ being a part of it. We had to turn inward and do a little searching for a sound within ourselves,” says frontman Paddy Ong.

Lyrically, this introspection is on display in songs like How You Forget – a dream-like, slow-burning number about how easy it is to forget the people closest to you. The self-reflection continues in Distraction, which touches on themes of sacrifice and choosing one’s path in life. The pensivity however, belies a gritty exterior in the former Take Two’s new sound. Straying a little left of field from jangly-pop guitars, M1LDL1FE bemoans the ennui of the new millennium in the synth-rock jam, Super Algorithm Digital Me. The band bear their teeth in the anthemic, (Backdoor’s name), a composition that spans across two tracks, ending in a grandiose frenzy of modulated synthesizers and grizzled guitars.

“A lot of growth and change had been going on in and around the writing of this album. Some of us got married, some of us had left long term relationships. All kinds of crazy things going on in the world as well. So the material I guess was subconsciously affected by all these things that were happening at the time,” reflects Ong.

Armed with a fresh and grittier sonic palette, the band will release their eponymous EP in August.


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Singapore’s Indie Dance 4-piece M1LDL1FE share new track ‘Distraction’!