Single Mothers Debut New Track via BrooklynVegan + TIDAL Playlist, LP Out 6/16 on Dine Alone

Single Mothers Debut New Track via BrooklynVegan + TIDAL Playlist, LP Out 6/16 on Dine Alone

Single Mothers

Premiere New Album Cut “Leash” w/ BrooklynVegan

Share Playlist via TIDAL Featuring What They’re Listening To Now


Sophomore LP Our Pleasure Out June 16 on Dine Alone Records

Single Mothers broke up in 2009 – and have been playing shows ever since.

photo credit: Ryan Jupp
“Combining scab-peeling punk with speak-shout vocals reminiscent of the Hold Steady, this band of townies from London, Ontario, ruthlessly skewers hypocrites, McSweeney’s snobs, drunk assholes, and God, just to name a few.“Pitchfork “Rising”
“On “Leash,” Drew’s speak-sung delivery still recalls Craig Finn but this is a slower, more melodic song for Single Mothers. It sounds a bit like a rawer version of something off Japandroids’ new album. “
“a lesson in the power of punk…’”NME
“Single Mothers live and die by post-hardcore, taking influence from forefathers that range from Quicksand to indie-rooted acts like Cursive, creating a version that is singularly theirs and singularly incendiary.”
Having proved themselves to be an unrelenting live act over the past 5 years, Single Mothers are now releasing their sophomore LP, Our Pleasure, June 16 on Dine Alone Records and Big Scary Monsters (UK/Europe). Today, they share new album cut “Leash” via BrooklynVegan. A post-hardcore ballad crafted the way only Single Mothers could, the track is a nostalgic stand-out hitting on the innocence-met-with untamed passion and drama of young love. With a chorus sure to get stuck in your head, “Leash” is available to post & share HERE. The band recently shared four albums that influenced Our Pleasure with CLRVYNT, and premiered opening track “Undercover” alongside an in-depth interview with VICE’s Noisey.
After Single Mothers began to implode – the gold rush in Northern Ontario was over and Drew Thomson’s old career as a gold prospector was no longer available to go back to. Stuck in South Western Ontario without any money and at points living out of his van, the risk he took giving up everything for the band hadn’t seemed to pay off.
Ultimately, this exercise only strengthened his prolific and innate need to create. After a year of kicking around working part time jobs, a mutual friend called Thomson to check out a studio that had some time open. Thomson and Drummer Brandon Jagersky went to look at the place and immediately booked time for what would turn out to be ‘Our Pleasure’. Going in they didn’t have any songs or enough band members, but that was a familiar mess and they welcomed it—almost every Single Mothers release has had a different lineup. After a few phone calls Justis Krar, Single Mothers’ on again/off again guitar player re-joined and brought Ross Miller with him on bass. “I look at Single Mothers now more as a vessel that I’m happy to be riding in, or an apartment that people come to visit and leave little things behind in,” Thomson explains, “a couple beers or a shirt, or a poster on the wall, and those things build up and either make a home or just a pile of junk. It’s up to us to decide
Included in the Our Pleasure pre-order bundles are the Meltdown EP (2016) vinyl, the first time it’s been available on wax since release, and the Skylight 7” which includes two bonus tracks from the Our Pleasure recording sessions.

Pre-order Our Pleasure
Single Mothers Deluxe Bundle
Dine Alone Records Bundle (WW)
Big Scary Monsters Bundle (UK/EU)

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Single Mothers Debut New Track via BrooklynVegan + TIDAL Playlist, LP Out 6/16 on Dine Alone