Single Roundup 2

Single Roundup 2

Here’s the first draft of With Guitars Single Roundup 2 featuring Club Smith, Fear No Fish, The Skuzzies, Awolnation, The Procession, Captain Dangerous, The Loud, Tom Williams And The Boat, The Pierces and The Naked & Famous to start with. There will be more added, but most of our writers are busy working on interviews and features, please bear with us, more will be added.


A lot of work went into this ‘No Friend Of Mind’ official video

ClubsmithsinglecoverClub Smith

‘No Friend Of Mine’

Front Wall Records

This is a better than average thumping post punk single. I made the odd choice to watch the video for the single first. Lead singer Sam trained for 3 months as a boxer for the band’s ‘No Friend Of Mine’ video. Wish more bands were as hard working.

The single is backed with two tracks ‘Young Defeatists’ and a remix of ‘Your No Friend Of Mine’ by Copilots (Jamie Ellis of Battle and Russell Lissack of Bloc Party) the first two do get me writing, the remix, I am sorry to report seems a little pedestrian, reverb, flat tempo, were they running low on Cubase memory?

However, there is no denying the strength of the title track, Club Smith have just finished a lengthy spell as support to the Pigeon Detectives on a busy UK Tour, I can imagine that ‘No Friend Of Mine’ can only add to the band’s great live repertoire of songs, like ‘The Green Room’ or ‘Lament’. But wait a minute, apart from the remix, any of you that bought the ‘Loss’ EP, already has a version of the title track, a little brighter and beefed up here though and, if you got the second EP, ‘The Process’ you could get hold of ‘Young Defeatists’. No weird thing, to be honest, but that’s why this indie rock single sounds so strong, err, cos it is!
Steve JanesFearnofishcover

Fear No Fish

Now Or Never’ EP
Fearnofishshot1Balter Records

It been almost ten years since Fear No |Fish first formed in London and it shows. To my relief (it’s been a bad day listening to factory churned releases) ‘Now And Never’ has five songs, all have been worked on, rehearsed and with the aid of good production has scored well in my book.

Just as well then as this ‘Now Or Never’ EP hits home; as I read that the band are happy to admit that this release came to fruition in the light of many ups and downs the resulting release is one of tremendous ambition. Pleased they go there. Influenced by present day alternative rock bands in the vein of Biffy Cyro, Kings Of Leon and Foo Fighters. There sound is not as heavy as the aforementioned, but that does not take anything away from their appeal; It’s strong, melodic, with engaging hooks, it’s still under the alternative rock umbrella though.
Like ‘Say’ it’s strong track, and a good choice to kick things off, but it was the songs, ‘Micky – S Bubbles’ and ‘Paint By Numbers’ the brought the quality of the band, ‘The Truth’ is there to pick you up, with a more up-tempo and direct approach, before what I suspect is an older tune, it just has that feel. ‘Broken’ rounds off a worthy EP.
I hope they land a good support or headline tour. I think they could do booth, I would like to see a double header between Twin Atlantic and Fear No Fish. Not totally up to date with the trails of the band, but they must feel very satisfied with this one, I do.


This track just grows on you.

The Naked & Famous

‘Girls Like You’

Proof, if there needs to be any, that ‘pop’ music can be err, …good. The Naked & Famous wowed just about everyone that heard their debut album ‘Passive Me, Aggressive You’. There is not that much left to say, apart from this is well crafted, engaging pop.
It’s ok I am over it now; it’s just that the last string of words is so alien – I mean pop? It took me a minute to recover. But I urge you to hear their album, better still see them, expect a string of dates, then your only choice is to go to Glastonbury, Latitude or Leeds/Reading here in the UK, Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and if that’s not enough, Lollapalooza which is going just about everywhere.
Steve Janes

I could only find live videos – hope you get the idea though


Captain Dangerous

‘Forgive Us We’re British’ I’m Not From London Records

They could easily catch a heavyweight sea bass with the size of the hooks on display on ‘Forgive Us We’re British’ take a little Divine Comedy mix with say a dash of David Devant And His Spirit Wife, then a large chunk of originally, a trusted producer and you have most likely have a summer hit, I do hope so, forget euro trash, x factory or some god damn TV exposure money grabbing carnage, here’s what happens when you don’t know or read everything about them every minute of the bloody day. If a band get the chance to work a couple of days longer, letting the music breath a little more; the result, just sometimes, and this is one of those times, gives you a song to shout about, in the shape of the  glorious ‘Forgive Us We’re British’ single. More to the point a delicious song to lead the way.
Steve Janes

Another contender



Red Bull records

It electro was given a strong orchestral treatment, while keeping its soul, it’s perspective and feel me this comes over a little alternative, there are slight rnb trappings, unusual yet familiar. ‘Sail’ grows on you, much like the response to Awolnation – my American relations have told me of their SxSW shows, I hope they keep things different, I humbly suggest a course of Tom waits, Gavin Friday and lashes of Michael Franti & Spearhead, but what do I know? On this evidence it’s going along just fine.
Steve Jane


Tom Williams And The Boat


Tom Williams And The Boat spent most of 2010 playing venues in a road near you that is, if you lived in the UK. This is the second single to be taken from their debut ‘Too Slow ‘album, Imaginings of a potential suicide bomber in ‘Concentrate’ which contains a great narrative; the band’s songs have graced the airwaves on Radio 1, 2 and 6 with some weighty DJ names praising the Kent band – If this was Top Trumps you have already lost, Zane Lowe, under the category of Influential has to be a an 8 or a 9, he’s even doing adverts on that television thing.
But dragging myself back to matter at hand, ‘Concentrate’ – please search for this song, lyrically cotemporary kitchen sink meets A Life Less Ordinary via a few pages of Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance. Tom Williams And The Boat’ future, even with just this snap shot as a flavour of the band, it looks bright; when you hear a few more songs you’re convinced. This single deserves all of the praise it will and has received to date.
Steve Janes


On Easy Action Records, about time The Skuzzies wowed us all again

SkuzziescoverThe Skuzzies


Easy Action Records

Welcome breath of if not fresh then warm and comforting air. This release is ‘alternative’ in narrative and feeling, but in a post Libertines landscape. Put simply this is Rock n’ Roll from the capital, so much for that PS2, someone still likes to rip the shit out of what was once described as a guitar.
Are they the malcontents of the modern age? If so, post-cuts Eton table tennis player – is not everyone now? But talking music, I love guitars with attitude don’t we all? For me, The Skuzzies do that well, making you think, to remember, to respond.

‘Dissatisfied’ is a good, neat, upfront post garage-punk song. I was going to compare them to a few bands that had gone before, but the band did not debut until 2004 at the infamous Babyshambles riot, where they played in front of 4000 people. Imagine that for a first gig, which  ends in a riot, unprovoked third party substance assisted anarchy, who would have thought that would happen? So as a result I feel that their references are a lot fresher than any I can offer. If all the Babyshambles antics did not faze them, I doubt much else will. I am pleased they are back with such a strong single, now, any time for an album?
Steve Janes

Please take this as a word of caution further exposure could lead you…

theloudamyscoverThe Loud

‘Amy’s Gonna Get You’
Payper Tiger Records

Got to draw a detailed picture of The Loud. To kick off with here are a few broad strokes, the band are said to be drawing influences from the modern day and 1960’s and 1970’s garage. Think Spenser Davies Group, mid-to-late Kinks, The Yardbirds, add to that a love of the 1980’s – do you follow? They are into Jesus And The Marychain, Echo And The Bunneymen, and you get the odd guitar riff that backs some of what I have mentioned, the rest could be the melodies that remind you of that ‘Ocean Rain’ classic, but you still have the mid-1970’s occasional nods and on the odd track, a laid back style.
People what we have here is natural, some might say, organic, and although this band do not demonstrate the scientic skills of one Baron Frankenstein, I urge you to steel yourself from the pull of The Loud. It’s too late for me, lost on my fifth play, there were no warnings, nothing, not even a word of advice….
I have been turned into a side-kick – call me Igor. Forever more straining every muscle to proclaim this creature’s innocence, their right to live, free and unprosecuted life. But my mind is rambling what I can tell you is that you need to know more. That you may have to wait until June 2Oth until Amy’s Gonna Get You’ big guitar, latter day vocal styling’s, comfortable sized hooks, good production. I am sold. Just don’t call me Igor.
Steve Janes

Hear this again and again all over this summer

ThePiercescoverThe Pierces


This song is a follow up to the band’s Top Ten iTunes hit ‘You’ll Be Mine’. At first I just thought here’s another commercial juggernaut in equal measure, soulless and musician free, but hang on a minute I think I would be wrong, For starters there is an overall acoustic feel, with some niffty arrangement,  not even an anal attempt to start me thinking of beats per minute. What’s that?…real harmonies – it’s vocal witchcraft I tell thee; Then it hits you, this song, with a little swagger, will probably be the soundtrack in your local cafe, on a few thousand peoples laptops and stereos –  that is no bad thing.

Their is an album is out now entitled ‘You & I’, produced by Coldplay’s Guy Berryman it suggest further investigation on the strength of these first two releases.
Steve Janes



The Procession

‘She Comes around’

Circular Records

The Procession, with their soaring choruses and meaty guitar riffs, are a 4 piece Alternative Indie band based in the Midlands. After hearing their last well received single ‘Sometimes’ and now with ‘She Comes Around’ it is no surprise they have a strong local following.

Holding The Procession up to the light, given the band and their sound a closer inspection, in the 1990’s this fair land had an indie band on every street corner, life was good then a strange television experiment took hold, X Factor was the route cause of the Bank Crises, (wish this was true) it turned them into fools, greedy ones at that. Now as the dust still refuses to settle, a pocket of something we honestly thought was forever. The Procession are a good solid indie band; I like both the ‘Sometimes’ single add this new release ‘She Comes Around’. You might have heard their sound before shades of bands like The Pixies , My Bloody Valentine… but that does not tell the full story of their appeal, it’s the quality of the band’s collective songwriting. In short they have, bearing in mind all of the evidence I have been exposed to, interesting well proportioned songs. No choice but to add my voice to the chorus of support the band have so far earned, as it’s a bit good.
Steve Janes
You can catch the band live at the following venues and festivals with more to be confirmed:

June 17th @ The Gate Hangs Well, Syston, Leicester /
June 25th @ Alt Rock at the Lock, Frog Island, Leicester / July 22nd @ Off The Cuff Festival, Birmingham / July 23rd @ SBS Scraptoft Festival, Leicester

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Single Roundup 2