Skylar Fri shares new single ‘Dream Too Much’

Skylar Fri shares new single ‘Dream Too Much’

Skylar Fri – ‘Dream Too Much’ Stream The New Single Here:


A sense of home is one of the most powerful feelings a person can have. But equally the desire and drive to leave one’s home can be just as profound. This EP is shaped by the restlessness of Skylar Fri’s formative years – the feelings of isolation and disillusionment – tempered by an eagerness not to appear ungrateful. Because, for many, the picturesque images of her Danish town are an idyllic antidote to those living in sprawling unforgiving cities. But what if you wanted something different? What if you dream of something better? Can ‘better’ even be quantified?

As Skylar explains “Better is about how a map full of detours and disruptions sometimes leads us to a place we never imagined would actually turn out to be better for us”

Defying the conventions of mainstream pop, Skylar Fri has chosen her own route. A track online, hundreds of thousands of streams, then silence. Her passion for her art resolute. Everything driving towards this release. The EP kicks off with Better, a deeply personal song encompassing the theme of the EP: are we supposed to be happy with what we have? Or should we want more? At what point do we accept our position and make peace with ourselves? As universal and relatable as anything. There is also a remastered version of Man Is Strange finally getting its full release.

Each track on the EP is hook-laden, fully formed and demonstrates Skylar’s ability as a songwriter. The production is clean and evocative, there is something nostalgic in these songs, despite their sounding unmistakably 2017. Skylar’s voice is at once innocent yet knowing, full of yearning yet controlled – a sense of someone searching for something permeates these three tracks.

Skylar Fri’s new EP, Lyng Land, takes it name from a quarry she and her friends spent blissed out summer evenings – it’s also where the video for Better was shot. And where all press photos were taken.

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Skylar Fri shares new single ‘Dream Too Much’