Sleepers’ Reign release debut album title-track ‘King Into Delight’ (Experimental-Pop)

Sleepers’ Reign release debut album title-track ‘King Into Delight’ (Experimental-Pop)

Belgian experimental-pop group Sleepers’ Reign reveal new single ‘King Into Delight’, the title-track of their forthcoming debut album, out September 16th via Sialia Records

Sleepers’ Reign – King Into Delight

“We were only a minute through “King Into Delight” when we realized we had something exceptional on our hands. The radiating glow of calculated layers are more than enough to rope any listener in, but what follows is what will keep you coming back again and again.” The Music Ninja

Sleepers’ Reign are a 4-piece experimental-pop band from Herentals, Belgium. After turning heads in their native country, and following on from acclaimed appearances at CMJ in 2015 and SXSW in 2016, the group will be releasing their debut album, King Into Delight, on September 16th. Taken from this is new single, and title track, ‘King Into Delight’. Initially centred around a subtle bass riff, it is a genuine and tasteful pop song, born out of experimentalism, which at this moment truly represents the band’s musical identity.

The members of Sleepers’ Reign were barely 17 back when it was written; creating new music in their home studio was more exciting to them than playing covers in local bars: “We don’t consider ourselves virtuosi, but we do have open minds. The digital world in our bedroom proved to be a lot more expansive than the one based around guitars in moist cellars. We didn’t aim to be different, we weren’t looking for a particular sound, but on the other hand we chose not to impose any restrictions, which has eventually led to this.

This track, like the album, was recorded in three Belgian studios before being finalised in the New York studio of Vampire Weekend, The Strokes and Weezer collaborator Justin Gerrish.

Interestingly the band name Sleepers’ Reign really did find its origin in an actual dream that lead vocalist Lukas had, in which guitarist Ruben whispered that name into his ear.

Sleepers’ Reign will be playing at Pukkelpop in Belgium on 18th August.

Sleepers’ Reign are: Lukas Hermans (vocals) Ruben Mertens (guitar) Orson Wouters (synths) Tom Spruyt (drums)

Compositions/Productions: Lukas, Ruben and Orson

Production/Mix: Justin Gerrish.


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Sleepers’ Reign release debut album title-track ‘King Into Delight’ (Experimental-Pop)