Sleepovers – Group Therapy’ (Out Now via Sleepover Records)

Sleepovers – Group Therapy’ (Out Now via Sleepover Records)

London’s “Lo-Fi rabble Sleepovers release the aptly titled ‘Group Therapy’ from the forthcoming ‘Heartbreak High’ EP out March 9th. The new release is a healthy shambolic mixture of indie rock with more once called ‘baggy’ shambling harnessed if not suppressed by shoegazed lo-fi artistry. If I am not being quite clear, ‘Group Therapy’ is smooth, catchy and off-kilter, like a lot of mind sets were fixated by, not one for singing in that choir too often, but it’s a strong song. Once heard as strong as pizza after a big night out and a damn less harmful.

Besides the new single complete with “layers of distorted Britpop guitar elegance” courtesy of Elliot Crabtree (Lead Guitarist) and Ed Reynolds (Guitarist). Frontman Alfie Smith explains the meaning behind the song: “I was self medicating a broken heart and head which ultimately led to turning to others for help.’’ so not just another music monocyclic affair. Sleepovers are on the rise. 7.8/10

Steve Janes

Live Dates

17th March –  Paper Dress Vintage – London (EP LAUNCH)


Alfie Smith (Lead Vocals)

Tom Reynolds (Bassist)

Ed Reynolds (Guitarist)

Elliot Crabtree (Lead Guitarist)

Ashley Hodge (Drummer)

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Sleepovers – Group Therapy’ (Out Now via Sleepover Records)