Slice of Life ‘Love And A Lamp-post’ (Overground Records)

Slice of Life ‘Love And A Lamp-post’ (Overground Records)

Slice of Life is the new project by ex-Crass frontman Steve Ignorant. I know what you’re thinking, shouting vocals, intense anger, political vitriol, but wait, you couldn’t be more wrong, this is very different from what he was doing.


For this new project Steve teams up with piano player Carol Hodge, acoustic guitarist Pete Wilson and bassist Lucas Martin to produce a musically sparse laid back acoustic album with introspective and soul-searching lyrics. Playing this I keep forgetting it’s Steve Ignorant, the pace is slow, he can actually sing and write, but this is the conundrum, they are songs but they are stories, they are narrative but not ballad, they almost belong on the music hall stage, maybe Max Wall, Leo Dryden or Ian Dury were an influence.


Within the album there’s one exception ‘You’, it’s acapella, Ignorant drops his guard and he launches into an anti-politician tirade, it’s brutal, there’s no Penny Rimbaud to offer intellectual argument within the lyrics, this is an angry man venting his spleen for years of social injustice – magnificent!


What this album teaches us is that Steve Ignorant isn’t a one-trick pony, he actually an extremely talented songwriter with considerable vision that’s not afraid to perform out of the constraints of the anarcho-punk scene.


It’s a fascinating album that will shock and surprise people, but those open-minded enough to give it a few plays will find this an unexpected gem. 8/10


Rotten Johnny

The Way Things Are (live)

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Slice of Life ‘Love And A Lamp-post’ (Overground Records)