Soley Mourning – The Rocket Pool

Soley Mourning – The Rocket Pool

This Midlands five piece have been making waves since their 2006 debut, in the UK and Europe alike, and have toured in support of fellow rockers Magnum. And they’ve come a long way, more polished, as their 2011 album Zaire showed.

The band play melodic hard rock with solid, earthy, funk-like leanings. The vocals are powerful and soulful, with range, something you’d expect from a hard rhythm’n’blues band.

From the opener Last Of These Nine Lives, the build Is catchy and, with classic rock sounds, churns out chunky rough hard rock that develops the way rock did in the late 80s and early 90s. Guest vocals on that opener come from This Wicked Tongue’s Tina V, who adds a Baby Jean element.

The two guitars interplay well, and are worth checking out in the first track. Really.

Accidental Enemies and Turn Yourself Around are again mid-paced songs with great riffs, and Shark Eyes has a Metallica-esque guitar riff and some slower moments. Add in funky bass lines and clear solid vocals and it’s a great song. Gumstream slows things, a lot of atmosphere.

Stand out track is the digital single The Unmaking Of A Rational Mind which, like much of the album, lyrically tackles a fucked up world head-on. There’s a good sentiment or two that’s been oft aimed at Bush and Blair, including looking in the mirror.

The closer So Long Song, is a gently building 6 minutes with an epic mid section, including a full string section.

The music and lyrics throughout are intelligent and gripping, but while there is some variation musically, it is a little samey at times. That said, it’s a thoroughly enjoyable listen beginning to end.

The name is one to remember. 8/10

Joe Gessin

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Soley Mourning – The Rocket Pool