SOULWAX compose soundtrack for new film ‘Belgica’

SOULWAX compose soundtrack for new film ‘Belgica’


compose, record and produce soundtrack for new film Belgica – film due 2nd March 2016

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Soulwax emerge with news of forthcoming musical endeavours, the soundtrack for Belgica – a new film by Oscar nominated director, Felix Van Groeningen (previously nominated for Best Foreign Language in 2014 with ‘The Broken Circle Breakdown’)

The film, a no-holds barred tale of two brothers who open a bar in Ghent in 2000 and rapidly become consumed by the Belgian nightclub scene, sees Soulwax’s influence throughout from composing, arranging and recording the original score to creating each and every one of the fictional musical artists featured. A  diverse collection of songs, performed by a similarly varied set of artists has seen Soulwax create what is a unique soundtrack that continues to see them evolve as one of music’s leading musical protagonists

All the music was recorded and mixed at Soulwax’s new Deewee studio HQ in Ghent, where every release is mixed and produced (and sometime written and recorded) by Stephen and David Dewaele. The entire project has been over twelve months in the making. Belgica – has also been confirmed as an entrant at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in January.

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SOULWAX compose soundtrack for new film ‘Belgica’