Space Elevator–‘Space Elevator’ (Out March 2014)

Space Elevator–‘Space Elevator’ (Out March 2014)

Rock heavyweights come together to form Space Elevator band – self titled album out in March

Formed by ‘We Will Rock You’ guitarist David Young and a host of other rock heavyweights – Elliott Ware (keys – The Who, Rock of Ages), Neil Murray (bass – Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore) and more – Space Elevator is a collection of rock heavyweights who have come together to pay tribute to a genre they love.

Re-instilling rock with some of the joy of Queen, Genesis and Fleetwood Mac, this is music more suited to a bygone era but all the more refreshing for it.

The single, ‘Elevator’ (also opener for the March album) is a supremely catchy number with a huge chorus and some really fun guitar licks to add to the mix. It’s all built around a rhythmic combination of bass and drums that tie everything together.

The same goes for the rest of the album, tracks like ‘Little White Lies’ really typifying the combination of pace and style, with a slow electronic opening which switches to full on rock very swiftly. So if you’re looking to rock out to a new band, and you’re getting sick of the sombre pounding of modern bands, you could do worse than check this out. 7.8/10

Dennis Hugh

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Space Elevator–‘Space Elevator’ (Out March 2014)