Speelburg Shares Seinfeld Inspired Video For New Single ‘Sauvage’

Speelburg Shares Seinfeld Inspired Video For New Single ‘Sauvage’

Speelburg – “Sauvage”

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Single out now via Sophomore Slump

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There isn’t much going on, but my god it’s good.” – Noisey


Until recently it’d been over a year since we’d heard from Speelburg, aka Noah Sacré, but then he released his new single ‘Sauvage‘, which swiftly entered the Spotify UK Viral Chart. The American/Belgian, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, who was raised in France and now lives in Brighton (he’s also an MC when he feels like not singing) has now got an official video for said single, which premiered today on Noisey.

Speaking about it, Noah explains ” After the success of my last three videos, we received scores of fan-mail that both praised me for my co-directing abilities and berated me for not showing my face enough. I heard your cries, and put together a video that mostly comprises of me, and finally answers my college senior-year thesis: “Can Anyone Really Be Made To Look Like A Great Dancer, Given The Right Editing Tools?”.

Fun facts: 1) The supporting cast is all played by professional ‘Sports Movie’ background artists, as seen in Coach Carter, Moneyball and Air Bud. 2) The ball was signed by Stephen Curry, on the condition it would be used to play and not displayed. This condition was met. 3) This video is better than any other video released today.

I know there isn’t much going on, but that’s because the song is really, really good. I’ve essentially made the ‘Seinfeld’ of music videos.”

Watch the video for ‘Sauvage’ here

Two acclaimed EPs on Phil Taggart’s (BBC Radio 1) Hometown Records imprint saw Speelburg become a name on every tastemaker’s lips, from hot bloggers to the who’s-who of radio programming and beyond. After a sold out debut show at London’s Electrowerkz (dubbed by some as THE best debut show of all time), Noah swiftly disappeared. But why?

Well, getting a script picked up is a cool thing if you’re a scriptwriter, but not for an aspiring musician. Writing a script for a sequel to 1998’s instant classic ‘You’ve Got Mail’ set in the present day probably sounds as dumb as it actually is, but that’s exactly what Noah had done.

What started out as a fun fan-fiction ode with a nod to the Tinder generation eventually made it’s way into the right hands, got picked up, cast and nearly green-lit. It wasn’t until July of this year that the studio finally released Noah from his contract, which meant that he could go back to writing his album.

So here’s the first single. It’s called ‘Sauvage’.




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Speelburg Shares Seinfeld Inspired Video For New Single ‘Sauvage’