THE SPITS Playing Select SXSW & Texas Shows March 17th – 21st!

THE SPITS Playing Select SXSW & Texas Shows March 17th – 21st!


MARCH 17TH – 21ST!

Revised Dates:

Tue Mar 17 – McAllen,TX – Cine El Rey Theatre – GALAX Z FAIR

Wed-Mar-18 – Austin,TX – Hotel Vegas

Thu Mar 19 – Austin, TX – Gypsy Lounge – Converse/Thrasher Death Match ***FREE SHOW**

Fri Mar 20 – San Antonio,TX – The Paper Tiger ***FREE SHOW***

Sat Mar 21 – Austin,TX – Beerland ***FREE SHOW***

3/18 w/ Natural Child and Protex

3/19 w/ Jeff the Brotherhood and Natural Child

3/20 w/ Iceage, King Tuff and Surfer Blood

3/21 w/ Iceage, Lust for Youth, Untold,Sheer Mag and Ukiah Drag

“The band has consistently torn up the music scene for over twenty years while waves of tattooed wanna-bes have retreated to day jobs. If you want good songs, record after record and tour after tour, brought to you with the same head-bashing sincerity, then you gotta go with the Spits.” Noisey

“The Spits, complete with an ornate stage display that included a smoke machine, riled fans to a frenzy with their fun, adolescent-charged brand of gutter punk.” Consequence Of Sound

“…contorted punk shapes emerge from ominous, glowing hues…a band with a nuclear bomb for a heart.”

Illinois Entertainer

The Spits are already as ingrained in modern punk music as possible, yet still manage to devour the rip-offs and influence the youth of today without even looking like they’re trying. Going strong now for over fifteen years, smashing the windows and tearing down the walls of our minds every time they roll through town, these truly vicious visionaries have cooked punk down to its most powerful base form, crawling like Neanderthals through the muck, and creating a flaming trail of hits that’ll take quite a fit of dementia to ever forget. A perfect distillation of punk’s original open-ended weirdness, and modern music’s serrated salvation, The Spits have proven themselves to be no one to fuck with, over and over again.

They’ve always been one of the most original bands of the twenty-first century, yet it never really seemed like they weren’t doing anything too experimental, save their signature, yet refreshingly just-ahead-of-their-time, synth/drum machine noise they forced the fickle punk crowds to gladly swallow. The demonic void that they fill is utterly too much to handle,  the band everyone wants to see, that pre-information overload-type of underground music mystery that just gets all the endorphins rushing. The way their throbbingly addictive songs just drip like sticky tar out of the speakers, their guitars that sound like food processors seemed to dull all our senses, just at the same time that the impeccable lyrics invigorate us beyond belief.

Possibly one of the only modern bands to have several of their songs being covered by their contemporaries, The Spits have already done so much, but still have so much more to come, as they continue to influence anyone with a penchant for irresistible punk music, played like there’s nothing to lose.


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THE SPITS Playing Select SXSW & Texas Shows March 17th – 21st!