Splodgenessabounds, At The Grosvenor, Lonfon 07.05.2011

Splodgenessabounds, At The Grosvenor, Lonfon 07.05.2011

Splodgenessabounds Spot On After Dutch Tour

This was the first and only London gig for the whole band so far this year, and it’s great that they chose South London to perform. The Grosvenor’s a great place, nice big backroom with backline and PA, good sound, friendly, and it doesn’t shut at midnight, so you can have a few beers afterwards!

The line up was bit different, Ritchie Splodge had left to live in Spain which left a slot for the return of Ronnie Rocker, a Splodge veteran from the Crabs, also of the Godfathers, Upstarts and HMK. Nigel, Harry Hastings, was back on drums and did a great job of sobering up in time to play a great set, well done Nige! Bass was provided by Mat Seargent also now a veteran with Splodge, but recently also Sham 69 and Chelsea. That just left Max, what can you say, the Peter pan of Punk! Not that you can compare him to Cliff Richards in any way, he would hate that. Hardly changed at all, still providing a joke here and there or a witty comment. No Bingo tonight though!

We even had a surprise visitor on the night. Mick ‘The Lip’ English, the original guitarist from the first line up. Support was from Blatoidea, and Punk Stalwarts from Ipswich Red Flag 77.

The Splodge gig included all the normal favourites, some songs off the last couple of Albums, ‘Scrapyard’, which is a double entendre for something other than a vehicle graveyard. ‘Sock Inside Your Shoe’, ‘Nothing Worse’, and ‘Bloody Disgrace’. Along with these were old tunes like ‘Plumber from Harlesden’, ‘Funny Noise’ and ‘Whiffy Smells’.

One great song that made a comeback was ‘Michael Booths Talking Bum’, this was really fantastic, clearly the band had benefited from the tour of Holland they completed the week before, in fact the whole gig was almost note perfect and delivered at pace. We also got ‘Go the Whole Hog’, followed by the Rolf Harris cover ‘2 little BoysSpoldgelive2-20111london‘ and of course ‘2 Pints Of Lager’.

The gig went down so well that there were 2 encores, including ‘Tough Shit Wilson’, complete with audience participation, ‘Just Having A Beer’, and finally ‘Haemorrhoids’, which inevitably involved a number of quips. It turned out to be a great night, thanks to Dave from Big Stuff promotions for putting them on.
Review and photos by Chris Jones (Stretch)

Their next date is on Portsmouth Pier at Punk By The Seaside festival, along with the Buzzcocks and the Subs and others.


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Splodgenessabounds, At The Grosvenor, Lonfon 07.05.2011