Spring King share video for ‘Can I?’

Spring King share video for ‘Can I?’

Ahead of their forthcoming DEMONS E.P released 08 September on Paradyse

How to follow the riotous garage stomp of ‘concept single’ “Mumma”? With a 5-track EP – a first for ParadYse records, which stretches the band’s sound into thrillingly tuneful new territory.

Production wunderkind Tarek Musa leads his charges of Peter Darlington, James Green and Andrew Morton out on the road this September, bringing to life Spring King’s darker, more anthemic offerings from the new EP. If lead track “Demons” is anything to go by – a song recorded in the pitch black as the band pioneer ‘Method recording’ – these shows will bear witness to the bands personal battle of will, juxtaposed with the energetic instrumentation of “uplifting tempos that make you want to shake”.
‘Can I?’ video

Recorded in the soon to be legendary bathroom studios, this EP showcases the live furore of the band’s show – bringing to mind the ambition of Funeral era Arcade Fire, with the pure Garage punk of The Reatards and a shared passion for Bossanova. Spring King are an exhilarating prospect live; full of boisterous energy and the clattering swagger of youth, frontman/drummer Tarek leading the party whilst the rest of his gang “jolt around at the front of the stage like they’re being tasered by the anti-party police”. It is no surprise that the NME have dubbed Spring King one of the top ten new bands of 2014.

Welcome to the world of Spring King – one where friendship, inventiveness and group therapy can not only get you through but help you find the magic in the everyday. Catch Spring King live this September in support of the Demons EP:
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“Spring King hurtle through tracks to a heaving mass… Tarek holds  it all together, crooning like Wu Lyf’s Ellery Roberts reborn, while the rest  of the band manically thrash away at their instruments.”NME
“a feral garage rock five piece – they do the live thing incredibly well… their frenetic layered vocals create impassioned hooks with the exuberance  of Arcade Fire.”Clash
“Splattering in with blaring drums, trashy guitars and a bombardment  of male vocal, Spring King’s set was the definition of freshness and  excitement.” – ZEROCORE Magazine

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Spring King share video for ‘Can I?’