Stay lucid through Kali Masi’s Kubrickian Nightmare. (Music Video)

Stay lucid through Kali Masi’s Kubrickian Nightmare. (Music Video)

Stay Lucid Through Kali Masi’s Kubrickian Nightmare 


August 31st, 2017 Maybe you still have that recurring nightmare from when you were a little kid. Maybe you’re still weary of looking under your bed. Maybe you’re tougher than me and don’t have those problems. Kali Masi bring their own Kubrickian recurring nightmares to life with their new music video for “Recurring (II)”. It’s equal parts dystopian and just plain weird. Listen closely and watch their lyrics come alive and do their best to make that monster under your bed rise up.
Wind Instrument will be released October 6th on 12″/CD/Digtial via Take This To Heart Records.


FFO: Menzingers, Beach Slang, Against Me!

Watch “Recurring (II)”

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Kali Masi carved out a sonic space between the urgency of the punk and hardcore bands that were our foundation and the Midwestern Emo breeze that was sweeping through our towns at the time. But, we wanted to be a counterpoint for the evergreen music scene that thrives in Chicago; to move with the current but never float on the surface. To write as many songs as we could in ways that we hadn’t heard before. So, we dug in our heels and started pushing” says singer/guitarist Sam Porter on where their sound for their debut LP Wind Instrument comes from.

He continues, “It sort of feels like you’re piecing together a mosaic of the parts of your life that you want to keep around. Figuring out what fits and using it to sculpt an image of what felt true then and what still feels true now. Little by little, we carve out parts that feel right. As people, we break and grow. Make adjustments along the way. Step back, realize you’re not where you wanted to be, erase, change, break, grow.”

After a handful of EP’s and relentless touring, Kali Masi called upon Jay Maas (Defeater, Polar Bear Club, Vanna) to take the helm and produce Wind Instrument. Porter goes on to say, “We worked with Maas, an astounding engineer, musician, and now great friend to make the record. Together, we set up camp at the legend-of-punk-lore Atlas Studios in Chicago and put pen to paper, piecing the fragmented parts of the past few years into some songs that we felt made sense of it all.”

Kali Masi will release Wind Instrument on October 6th on 12”/CD/Digital via Take This To Heart Records.

10/21 – Indianapolis, IN
10/22 – Nashville, TN
10/23 – Atlanta, GA
10/24 – Orlando, FL
10/26 – Ybor City, FL (pre-fest)
10/27 – Gainesville, FL (Fest)
10/30 – Knoxville, TN
10/31 – Louisville, KY
11/1 – Michigan City, IN


Kali Masi – “Wind Instrument”
Track Listing:

1. Some Friends
2. Her Palms Were Read
3. Powerline Days
4. Jejune
5. Recurring (II)
6. Ghost (The Pottery Scene)
7. Lunger
8. Your Other Left
9. Sputter
10. C.A.

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Stay lucid through Kali Masi’s Kubrickian Nightmare. (Music Video)