Steak Number Eight: Just No rest for the wicked

Steak Number Eight: Just No rest for the wicked

Fair to conclude that to match Steak Number Eight’s pace these days, could well burn out many a band,  Steak Number Eight are once again ready to tour Europe, supporting – Prong – together with H A R K in April. As signaled by a statement form the band: “We can’t wait to hit the road with these guys! See you all there! And as you can see we also play our home base De Kreun !! Will be fun!”

The tour, starts out in The Netherlands on April 17, and after visiting Belgium, Great Britain, France, Switzerland and Austria, the tour ends in Germany on May 3 (full dates below).

Christopher Storey, sharp as ever, arranged a quick Q&A talking all things Steak Number Eight…

First off where does the name Steak Number 8 come from?
“The band of Brents brother ‘Voidpoint’ had a song called Steak number eight once. At that time (12 years old) We thought that was a pretty cool band name. 2 years later, Brent’s brother unfortunately passed away. We kept the name ‘Steak number eight’ as a tribute to his brother.”

You guys recently got off a UK tour with Marmozets. I caught the Newcastle date and really enjoyed it. How did you guys find it?
“First of all when we sound-checked it sounded heavy and loud. The Show itself was amazing, we enjoyed it a lot! We love that! We were also surprised how much people came after the show to say they liked it a lot. That’s what we do it for! Newcastle is certainly a city we want to play again!”

Do you guys have any plans to come back to the UK in the near future?
“Yes we have a tour coming up. the tour kicks off 17th of April! We tour with Prong around Europe. We play Birmingham, Liverpool, London and Bristol In the UK!”

How do gigs in Europe compare to that in the UK? I ask as a friends band refuse to play England and focus more on Europe as they feel they are accepted more there (my friends band is a hardcore punk band).
”There is a difference. For us it doesn’t matter how you are treated, if the venue is filthy or if there’s no money to give the band food. In the UK it’s more like that. To the bone. Europe is more a luxury to play. Nice fees and catering. But for us, we don’t give a shit. The most important thing is gaining fans every night. Whether it’s a posh venue with elevators or a stinky basement with rotten stairs.”

How would you describe your musical styling to someone who had never listened to you guys before and was about to give you guys a listen for the very first time?
“I’d describe it as: Atmospheric grunge rock. If that’s too difficult we say Pink Floyd but 1000 times harder.”

The live shows are very energetic but keep an intense tone through out. How does this effect you guys off stage whilst on tour? Yo must be physically exhausted at some points.
”It’s very difficult eating the right food , get some sleep or stay fit on tour. Playing a gig is good for our mental health in the first place but if you look at it in a physical way we perform some kind of high intensity workout every night. So actually it’s a good thing for us! We hate a day off on tour.”

If you could share the stage with any band or artist who would it be and why?
”Mastodon. They write awesome tunes and they look like they are crooked. We love that.”

What’s currently in the pipe line for steak number eight?
”We’re very busy fine-tuning our writing process and currently we are working on our sounds. I love working on sounds cause you gotta try out loads of amps and pedals :)”

Final question. Would you rather fight a horse sized duck or a duck sized horse and why?

“Horse sized duck. If I could train the horse sized duck like a horse. I’d fly it. That would save me a lot of money on petrol and time. I’d also eat its giant eggs and the quack would sound really brutal.”

‘Cryogenius’ Live at Pandafest.

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Steak Number Eight: Just No rest for the wicked