A 10 disc CD and DVD celebration of the influential, innovative hip-hop and dance act Stereo MC’s will be released globally on October 27th 2014.

“We still love it, that’s why we’re still doing it. I think we’ve got our best music to come, I really love the three new tracks here, and we feel energised. We’re constantly searching for something new.”
Nick Hallam, 2014.

“You have to commit yourself to it and the love you get out of it is the reward, and that’s what you look back on. Anything else you get from it materialistically will come and go; fame will come and go; people will come and go – but the love you have for writing and performing will always stay in you.”
Rob Birch, 2014.

The Stereo MC’s were the first British group to take hip-hop to stadiums. They have remained resolutely true to themselves and have produced some of the most stunning, inventive music to emanate from the UK in the past three decades.

Relocating to London in the mid 80s, Nottingham-born childhood friends Nick Hallam and Rob Birch soon started making music together that owed little to the glam and punk rock musical tastes of their youth. Heavily influenced by hip-hop and what would become known as urban music, the duo painstakingly taught themselves how to loop beats (initially on an old music centre complete with a cassette deck). Soon learning to sample, the pair (with long-term fellow traveller Owen If on drums, and later, Cath Coffey on vocals) got a deal with the fabled Island Records. Within a handful of years, they had a No. 2 UK album with Connected and were playing as U2’s guests on the Zooropa tour, high on the bill at Glastonbury and winning two Brit Awards in one evening. They have gone on to produce four further high quality albums and are in much demand as a live attraction.

This handsome 9 CDs + 1 DVD set brings together more or less everything recorded by the group to date, plus three brand new tracks. Here fans can enjoy their first tentative steps on 1989’s 33 45 78, their breakthrough album Supernatural, the 1992 Brit Award winning Connected, its long-awaited follow up, Deep Down & Dirty from 2001, together with the albums Paradise, Double Bubble and Emperors’ Nightingale from the past decade. The live-in-concert Connected video is included in the package to sample the unstoppable force that the Stereo MCs are live, alongside all of their promotional videos. To add to this, there are 2 disc’s worth of rare and unheard tracks and remixes, and importantly three brand new tracks, ‘Good Feeling,’ ‘Dance Tonight’ and ‘Autumn Leaves’ recorded in the group’s Brixton studio earlier this year.

The lavish package contains a brand new 32 page book featuring unseen images, memorabilia and an interview with Nick Hallam and Rob Birch telling their story in their own words. After all that the band have achieved it’s time to stay tuned, because in the words of the band “We’ve got our best music to come.”

Also available as a digital set
1. 33 45 78

1.  On 33

2.  Use It

3.  Gee Street

4.  Neighbourhood

5.  Toe to Toe

6.  What Is Soul?

7.  Part 2

8.  Bring It On

9.  Out Of Touch

10.  Sunday 19th March

11.  This Ain’t A Love Song

12.  Ancient Concept

13.  On The Mike

14.  Move

15.  Back To The Future


2. Supernatural

1.  I’m A Believer

2.  Scene Of The Crime

3.  Declaration

4.  Elevate My Mind

5.  What’cha Gonna Do

6.  Two Horse Town

7.  Ain’t Got Nobody

8.  Goin’ Back To The Wind

9.  Lost In Music

10.  Life On The Line

11.  The Other Side

12.  Set Me Loose

13.  What’s The Word

14.  Early One Morning

15.  Smokin’ With The Motherman

16.  Relentless


3. Connected

1.  Connected

2.  Ground Level

3.  Everything

4.  Sketch

5.  Fade Away

6.  All Night Long

7.  Step It Up

8.  Playing With Fire

9.  Pressure

10.  Chicken Shake

11.  Creation

12.  The End


4. Deep Down & Dirty

1.  Deep Down & Dirty

2.  We Belong In This World Together

3.  Breeze

4.  Running

5.  Graffiti (Part 1)

6.  Graffiti (Part 2)

7.  Sofisticated

8.  Traffic

9.  The Right Effect

10.  Stop At Nothing

11.  Unconscious

12.  Shameless


5. Paradise

1.  Warhead

2.  Set It Off

3.  First Love

4.  Sun

5.  The Fear

6.  Don’t Know

7.  Float On

8.  Paradise

9.  Prime Time

10.  I Feel You

11.  Breathe Out

12.  Out Of Control


6. Double Bubble

1.  Get On It

2.  The Here & Now

3.  Karaoke

4.  City Lights

5.  Gringo (Ragged & Ruthless)

6.  Pictures

7.  Revolution

8.  Black Gold

9.  Show Your Light

10.  Coming Home

11.  Human

12.  Joy

13.  Master Of My Own Mind

14.  Hot Blood

15.  Soul Girl

16.  You Got It All


7. Emperor’s Nightingale

1.  Wooden Heart

2.  Boy (ft Jamie Cullum)

3.  Phase Me

4.  Far Out Feeling

5.  Sunny Day

6.  Manner

7.  Tales

8.  2Cando

9.  Bring It On (Path To The Mind And The Soul And The Spirit)

10.  Levitation

11.  Desert Song

12.  Wooden Heart Reprise


8. Classic Remixes

1.  Creation -Justin Robertson Remix

2.  Deep Down & Dirty -Two Lone Swordsmen Remix

3.  Everything -Everything Grooves pt2 by Andrew Weatherall

4.  Fever -Steve Hillage Remix

5.  On 33 -Mark The 45 King Remix

6.  We Belong In This World Together -Chicken Lips Remix

7.  Step It Up -Leftfield Remix

8.  On The Mike -Subsonic Remix

9.  Disconnected

10.  Creation-SLAM Remix

11.  Connected-Future Sounds Of London Remix

12.  Lost In Music -USA Mix


9. New Material, Rarities & Unheard Treasures

1.  Good Feeling (New Track)

2.  Let’s Dance Tonight ( New Track)

3.  Autumn Leaves

4.  Sweet Talk

5.  Breeze ( Remix )

6.  Flash (Instrumental)

7.  The One You Know ( Demo)

8.  The Runaway

9.  Whatever Made You

10.  Wake Up

11.  Intruder

12.  City Lights ( Autobahn Remix)

13.  Threshold

14.  Rhino Pt1

15.  Medicine Man

16.  Shameless ( Demo)


10. Video DVD

·  Connected Live Concert

·  Connected Documentary

·  Videos

1.  What Is Soul

2.  On 33

3.  Elevate my mind

4.  lost In Music

5.  Connected

6.  Step it Up

7.  Ground Level

8.  Creation

9.  Sweetest Truth

10.  Deep Down & Dirty

11.  We Belong In This World Together

12.  Set It Off

13.  Paradise

14.  Soul Girl

15. Blac

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